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Applications for Customized Web Experience

There are times in life when you probably want to blend in to the crowd or to your surroundings: the majority of middle school maybe, or when you’re sitting in the front row of a comedy show and the comedian is looking for an audience volunteer. When it comes to owning and promoting an ecommerce store, however, you do NOT want to blend in to the countless other stores out there. These days, there are more websites than stars in the sky it seems, and the goal is to create one that really stands out – whether it be for creative, unique content or products, or for ease of experience. This can be difficult to achieve when using basic templates provided by the platform. Enter web applications.
Applications help ecommerce owners to add another level of customization to their online stores beyond just aesthetic design. Web apps serve an important purpose: whether it’s to enhance a basic feature already available on the template by making it more intuitive or offering an entirely new functionality to the site, web applications generally help to increase user satisfaction by easing a pain point. A great example is ScriptiLab’s own SKU Grid, which takes the basic add to cart process and amps it up for greater ease when buying in bulk.
The SKU Grid is a web application we developed specifically for BigCommerce stores to help ease the struggle of buying in bulk. Typically, when ordering a product with multiple options, each option must be added to the cart separately, with the user going through the add-to-cart pop up each time. It’s not a huge deal if you’re only ordering a few items. If you’re purchasing dozens of items of different options from a wholesale site, however, it’s a waste of time. The SKU grid allows a shopper to select options and quantity all on one page (either different options on a product page, or different options AND products on the category page) and add to cart with only one action. The SKU Grid also provides custom out-of-stock messages and alerts the user if they have exceeded the stock limit.
Although the SKU Grid could certainly be used by any BigCommerce store owner, it was designed with wholesalers in mind, particularly those who sell products with many options, such as clothing and apparel or home décor and textiles.  
There are hundreds of worthy web applications out there to help you customize your store. We’re excited here at ScriptiLabs to be getting in the game when it comes to web apps with our SKU Grid. Keep checking back to see what we put out next!  

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