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Web and Search Analytics Services

Websites generate magnitudes of data on how visitors get to a website, and how they behave as they click around. This behavioral data is essential in determining what internet marketing steps need to be taken to ensure that a website is being accurately portrayed to the right audiences.

At ScriptiLabs, we have Google Analytics Certified digital marketers. We also have a team of web and search analytic experts that are able to analyze & interpret the data found in tools, such as Google Analytics, to ensure that every internet marketing service we provide is executed to its fullest potential. Whether your goals consist of driving more traffic to your website, converting more shoppers into buyers, or increasing your social media presence, we have the tools and knowledge to piece together what marketing efforts will bring the best results for any level of budget and goals.

Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, and other marketing efforts depend heavily on the analysis of data to determine what should happen in each plan.

How we see the data

Examples of metrics we track and analysis:

  • Audience Demographics
    • Location
    • Devices used to view websites
  • Channels that drive traffic to websites
    • Search Engines
    • Paid Advertising
  • Traffic Behavior
    • Time on Site
    • Page Popularity
  • Conversions
    • Conversion Rate
    • Services/Product Purchased

With Google Analytics we can dissect where a website is underperforming in order to make improvements, and where it is excelling so that we exploit those opportunities. We can also look at data on other industry related websites to see what new areas we can take advantage of as a marketing campaign matures over time.

We look at information such as time on site, bounce rate, and conversion rate to determine if the traffic that is currently coming to a website is actually experiencing what they expected. If these numbers are under par, then something about how they got there is misleading, or the website they are interacting with isn’t user friendly. Evaluations of call to actions, ease of navigation, and other important design elements can greatly improve these numbers; as can the evaluation of the key words and meta data targeted for the entrance pages.

Reviewing which pages are the most popular helps decide what products or services need to highlighted in other marketing outlets such as social media, or whether or not there is an opportunity for running a special on these items to generate new customers. On the flip side, we may see pages that should be getting more traffic but aren’t, and dissect the data further to determine why that may be.

Off site data, like what search queries your website is displaying for in search results gives insight on how your audience thinks when they are trying to find products and services related to what you offer. Analyzing this area allows us to cater the information we are providing to audiences in a way that they are looking for and understand it. Other offsite data to consider is that of your competitors. What are they doing; should you being doing it; how can we do it better?

All of these items and more can be evaluated, understood, and acted upon by using the website data available to us.