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Planning on Social Media?

How well do you know your target audience?  How about your brand?  Every day, we’re inundated with a myriad of hashtags and calls of action to “like” or “pin” something, but what does it all really mean?

There’s really no time like the present to begin using Social Marketing to promote your business and we’re here with a list of things to consider, when building your social media plan.

1.  Come up with a list of social networks that fit your business:   The most important sites being used today are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Google+ and LinkedIn.  Take some time to explore and discover which would be best for your product or service and remember, you have the opportunity to reach out and expand your existing customer base on each network.

2.  Know Your Business Objective:  Design a cohesive strategy that parallels your overall business goals; what is your main reason for posting?  What will you offer your audience?

3.  Discover your voice and tone:  This goes back to the question above… How well do you know your target audience?  Always keep in mind that being “social” is ultimately about creating an authentic persona that reflects your business, and your customer.  Remember to brand any images/memes with your logo or relevant hashtags.   

4.  Don’t get post happy:  Believe it or not, there are right (and wrong) days and times to post on social media…   Relevant content and images should accompany any post.  Don’t rush through your media push, and always ask yourself before hitting the “Share” button… “Is this something I would want to receive?  Is this interesting enough to inspire a favorite, retweet or a like?”

Note:  If you’re constantly push your latest product or service without any substance; it’s likely your posts will be seen as “spam”  or completely overlooked by your audience.   

5.  Interact, engage & share:  You’ve just created the perfect post, complete with stellar content, and an amazing image…  Nice job, but don’t stop there!  Remember to include hashtags of people, businesses and places that may be involved in your post… Review, and you’re ready to share!  As your post becomes ‘favorited’ and ‘liked’ don’t forget to engage in others posts, this is a great way to connect with potential customers, improve your interactions and to ultimately build your social reputation.

Invest in Social Marketing; Build Your Presence and Community Today!

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