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Google Adwords Management

Looking for quick results and your greatest return on investment (ROI) when it comes to increasing traffic and conversions on your website? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising such as Google Adwords makes the perfect complement to your Internet Marketing efforts!

ScriptiLabs has certified Google AdWords & PPC Specialists that with their expertise can help you manage, utilize, and optimize your campaigns with this fantastic tool to drive potential customers to your site. Without a certified team maximizing your ROI your PPC campaign could potentially be an ongoing drain on your marketing budget.

Adwords differs from typical paid advertising in several unique ways:

  • Customer targeting – We can target your ideal audience by location and keywords, so that your ads are only shown to people in the right area, looking for the right services. This is key for converting the customers that are targeted.
  • Pay-per-click – Just what it sounds like, you will only pay when a potential customer actually clicks on your ad. ScriptiLabs monitors your ad campaign to determine the quality of leads delivered.
  • Analytics and conversion tracking – Once the right people click on your ads, we can track exactly what parts of your site they are visiting and whether or not they are converting.
  • Remarketing – Adwords provides the tools to successfully target customers after they have left your site.

Not all businesses are the same, so once we understand your specific goals we will tailor your Adwords campaign and search engine marketing to match so that ScriptiLabs can increase the profitability of your PPC campaigns. Are you looking for a higher conversion rate? More page views? Brand awareness? ScriptiLabs will utilize Google Adwords’ variety of tools and bidding methods for each specific goal on your behalf.

A great Adwords campaign can be an excellent ally in giving your business a boost, but it can also turn into a waste of resources if not monitored correctly. We are well-versed in the psychology of creating compelling ads and have the time and resources to give your campaign the attention it requires to be successful. It takes creativity and dedication to find the perfect combination of keywords and ad verbiage to make your ads appear consistently in the top spots without spending a fortune per click. ScriptiLabs uses A/B testing methods to ensure that we can effectively track our changes and pinpoint exactly what works, and what doesn’t. When we team up with our certified Google Analytics experts, we can track the results and impact of your paid advertising campaign on your goals even further for more valuable insights.

Search engine marketing techniques may be constantly fluctuating, but with ScriptiLabs Adwords Management services, there’s no need for stress. Let us take over the tedious research and maintenance of your Adwords campaign so that all you need worry about are the results.