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Overcoming Low Search Volume Keywords

As we all know, coming up with a fantastic business or website concept is really only half of the battle: the best idea ever is completely useless if nobody can find it. Similarly, you may have a great product that is unique in some key way that people would like to learn about, but don’t already know and therefore would not be likely to search for. Maybe your concept is so new, there is next to no search volume for the most relevant keywords – how do you make your presence known online? It can seem daunting when you’re performing keyword research and see nothing but, well, nothing, under the average monthly searches column. Take heart all you business pioneers – there is a way. Don’t give up on SEO just yet – take a look at our guide to overcoming low search volume keywords first.
Let’s say you sell clothing that’s made in a very environmentally friendly way that your company invented called XYZ processing. With environmentalism being so popular, consumers would love to know all about this progressive way of processing, and would probably even pay extra for the knowledge that they’re making the green choice. You have sole ownership of this particular marketing niche: but because no one is aware of the name of your process, you can’t necessarily bring the audience to the product, so you have to bring the product to the audience. Step one is in-depth consideration of your target audience. Who are they? What do they do? What else do they search for?  For the sake of simplification we’ll assume the core audience are those who pursue other channels of green living – organic produce buying, electric car driving, new age types. Consider their professions and areas of interest, and target those keywords. This will start putting your brand, and what’s special about it, in front of the right audience.
The next thing to consider is the other sites your target audience may be visiting, and how you can gain presence there. An Adwords display network campaign that targets specific sites/categories of sites is one good way to build brand awareness in the places that your target audience is looking. For even better exposure, look for link earning opportunities on these sites, perhaps by contacting the site owners and offering to write a guest blog or post on your special offering that links back to your site. (This obviously wouldn’t work for competitor site, but is better for shared interest sites. In our example, maybe a green living blog or health food store.) Considering what sites your audience visits also helps you research the kind of content they like – this gives you an idea of where to begin with your own original content creation.
Once you start getting your brand name out there and search traffic to your site increases, you should see searches for those low volume keywords slowly increase as people are exposed to what makes your site unique. And as search volume increases, you can do an SEO refresh on your site to increase targeting for those keywords.
Having nothing but low volume keywords that really describe your business is tricky in the beginning, but by starting out with a broader focus, you can build demand for your product or service before focusing your keyword targets. Just remember to focus on your audience and bring your service to them!    

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