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March Madness Marketing Tactics

You don’t have to be a basketball guru to participate in March Madness – trust me, I would know. The month-long college basketball frenzy is one of the only sporting events that hardcore fans and novices alike can partake in. Over 60 million get involved filling out brackets with an average audience of 10.7 million eagerly watching per game. It’s no wonder businesses capitalize on this marketing opportunity.

You don’t have to be a massive brand to profit from a March Madness marketing campaign. Any business can take advantage of this trending event. What are some ways that your business can generate buzz around March Madness?

Host a Bracket Competition

Why not host your own bracket competition to drive visitors to your site? Incentivize with a coveted gift card or other fun prize. You don’t have to be a sponsor giving away free tickets for people to enter your competition – everyone loves the chance to win a free prize. Create a landing page on your site where entrants can see how their brackets stack up against competition. This will keep people talking about your brand throughout the month.

Get Creative

Capitalize on the March Madness theme by hosting a bracket competition related to your industry. Create a contest that is relevant to your target audience. For example, Gold’s Gym created a campaign called “March Music Madness?. The company recognized that members were passionate about workout playlists through various social posts, so they decided to play this up during March Madness. Their competition lets members pick their favorite workout songs and vote until it gets to the “Sweet 16?, “Elite 8? and “Final 4?. Each is associated with a charity that Gold’s will donate to. It’s philanthropic, relevant to the industry, and plays along with the trending March Madness theme.

Post Relevant Content

If you don’t have the means to host a giveaway, simply posting applicable content is valuable as well. Try to stay as relevant as you can by sharing tips, tricks, updates, and Madness news. Make sure to label with relevant hashtags and source your news stories in an attempt to get shares. 

Sales Incentives

March Madness can also be a great time to host a little friendly employee competition as well. Use this as a means to keep your team engaged with some incentive to boost sales performance. ScriptiLabs will be having their own little March Madness competition to follow as we post updates on our Facebook and Twitter! 

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