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Inbound Marketing

It’s no mystery why outbound marketing strategies are just about deceased and inbound marketing tactics are running rampant. In the ever-present digital world where consumers are constantly interacting and in control of the information they receive, inbound marketing has become the most effective method for doing business online. Communication is essential in gaining the customer’s trust, and it is a two-way street that has become an integral part of the capturing and converting process. So, what exactly is inbound marketing and how to we build an effective inbound marketing website?
What is inbound marketing?
Inbound marketing is the new wave marketing tactic that focuses on getting found by customers as opposed to transmitting your messages out and essentially “buying” customers through ads, cold calling, etc. The idea is that producing quality content will bring people in rather than having to go seek them out. There are several outlets and strategies of inbound marketing that will effectively bring people to your site.
  • Create and share content in various outlets: blogs, podcasts, videos, whitepapers, social… any way you can!
  • Build a blog: Blogs are the ideal outlet to constantly create new, fresh content that shows you are passionate and informed about that in which you are selling. Similarly, they establish you as an expert in your field and instill trust in your viewers. Blogs also help increase your website rank as you can reference back to your site.
  • Contribute your content to relevant sites: This way you can establish inbound links to increase your domain authority as well as get your website out in front of the eyes of new viewers.
  • Be socially active: Social media is the ideal way to share and interact with your potential customers. By being socially active, you can establish trust with those who are interested in you. You’re essentially promoting brand awareness. This is the outlet where you can get creative. Share your success, post positive customer reviews, relevant industry information, or any other interesting pieces that will entice your customers. Also, do your best to comment back. It’s important to leverage personal online profiles that link back to your website as well.
How to build an inbound marketing website:
Build a website that has all the basic elements in order. Make sure the aesthetics, the code, the design are all navigable and functional within your site. Make sure your website enables social interactions clearly and easily. Have your social buttons easily distinguishable and establish a platform to share information with likeminded individuals. Most importantly, make sure the pages of your website answer questions and share information that will enlighten your visitors and that they actually want to read.
Inbound marketing is crucial to your company’s success. The cost per lead of outbound marketing is mountains higher than that of inbound marketing. Over 50% of marketers say their inbound marketing efforts produced measurable ROI. So, determine which inbound marketing tactics are most effective for your time, efforts, and money. Also, determine where it would be beneficial to outsource. Inbound marketing is different for all companies, so tailor your strategy specifically to yours! 
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