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5 Ways Blogging Benefits SEO

When cultivating an SEO plan to boost rankings and produce organic traffic, there are several factors to consider. You’ve familiarized yourself with the tedious tasks of keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, effective meta tagging, etc, etc. But nowadays, it’s extremely important that your campaign include blogging. Blogging has become an essential marketing tactic that should be added to any comprehensive SEO plan. Why are blog posts evading the social sphere and why are over 30% of Fortune 500 companies now blogging?  Well, they seem to know a little something about effective marketing. Blogging presents numerous benefits for marketing your site and your SEO efforts.

  • Variety in Content

Content generation is one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign. With recent updates to Google algorithms, search engines are now crawling sites, ranking those higher that produce quality, user-friendly content regularly. That is to say, you’re generating new, relevant content that is industry-related and helpful or interesting to your audience. By producing high-quality content, you’re increasing the likelihood that people will share it, and it can potentially increase the number of click-throughs.

  • External Linking

The more external links that point to your website, the more Google sees it as a viable source. Yes, these have to be from reputable sites with high domains or shared socially, but external links are an important factor in SEO. Blogging gives people a ton of content and new links to share from social networks related to your industry. This not only proves your content is useful, but will in turn boost organic search traffic from higher rankings. Similarly, you can monitor which content (links) are shared the most and better tailor your content based on what your audience wants to read.  

  • Internal Linking

Similar to external linking, internal linking (if done correctly), is highly beneficial. Within your blog, you can decide which pages or products to feature and link to that page with the proper anchor text. This helps search engines understand what exactly your website pertains to and increase visibility capabilities.

  • More Indexed Pages

Blog posts are new pages on your website. Search engines index these pages and by seeing that they provide engaging, relevant information, reward your site for this. Similarly, it gives you the opportunity to expand the range of keywords that you’re targeting and optimize for more key phrases. In short, more indexed pages expand your search reach drastically.

  • Social Reach

Because social media marketing has become such an integral part of interacting and engaging with current and potential customers, why not give them some interesting reads to share? Blogging is yet another outlet to build your brand and share content that helps and/or entices your target audience. The more shares, the more expanded your reach becomes.

Remember, blogging isn’t just writing about any aimless topic just to do it. It’s important to stay useful and relevant within your industry. Also, note that SEO takes time to produce the desired results. Simply creating a blog isn’t the answer to showing up as the #1 spot in Google search results, but it will certainly strengthen your SEO campaign and improve your likelihood to rank higher in organic searches. Don’t know where to start? Wordpress is an extremely user-friendly personal or business blog site that will get you started and headed in the right direction.  

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