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Step it up with Google Shopping Campaigns

If you’re looking for additional online exposure for your business and haven’t yet considered Google’s Product Listing Ads, there has never been a better time to do so. Google’s Product Listing Ads allow you to advertise specific products to people right at the moment they are searching for them, and since the rollout of the new Shopping campaigns, Product Listing Ads have never been easier to monitor, manage, and optimize.

In order to get started with Google Shopping campaigns, you’ll need to have both Google Adwords and a Google Merchant Center  account set up. Most advertisers are familiar with Adwords and its many benefits, but are not as familiar with the Merchant Center. Don’t be afraid! Google’s Merchant Center (GMC) is a great place to consolidate all of your product information, whether you are strictly ecommerce, operate a physical store only, or dabble in both. Be sure to include relevant and accurate information in your product feeds as they will become the base for your Shopping campaigns. Google offers extremely helpful step by step guides on creating your first product feed. Once you’ve got your product feeds submitted, you’re ready to link to your Adwords account and begin creating Product Listing Ads and Shopping campaigns!

After linking your GMC to your Adwords account, you will want to create Product Listing Ads from your data feeds within Adwords. Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are the product image ads you see in the Google search results that contain product data such as price, brand, and any promotions, similar to normal text ads. Unlike text ads, however, PLAs will be triggered by product data rather than keywords that you set in your campaigns. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of Adwords – no more keyword research or trying to determine just the right combination of keyword and ad text. PLAs target consumers by showing them exactly what they need, at the exact time they are searching for it.

When it comes to managing your Product Listing Ads, Google Shopping campaigns are the way to go. Besides the fact that eventually, Google will switch all of the older PLA campaigns to the new Shopping campaigns, Shopping campaigns allow for much easier data management and ad group creation. With Shopping campaigns, you can create custom tags for your products which allows for easy categorization. All products by default are in one group called ‘All products’ when you initially link your GMC to Adwords – using custom tags allows you to go in and tag certain products, such as “sale items” to create one customized product ad group. Even better, Shopping campaigns allows for greater granulation when reading the data. Want to know what happens after someone clicks on your product listing ad? Drill down into valuable cost per click, cost per conversion, and ROI data with ease. You can also get information on how your product bids are comparing to other advertisers selling the same or similar products.

Shopping campaigns are just one more fantastic tool brought to us by Google that is easy to use, and can yield powerful results. If you’re already using Google Adwords and are seeing success with your ads, it’s time to ad Shopping campaigns for that extra boost.  

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