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Doughnut Deals and the Power of Cross-Promoting

We have an important announcement, and no, it’s not related to SEO. That’s right, this is purely for the joy of the people, and here it is: July 10th is the 78 year anniversary of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. In honor of this occasion, the company will be offering patrons the chance to pick up an additional dozen delicious doughnuts for just 78 cents with the purchase of a first dozen and the presentation of this Facebook coupon. Now, we don’t follow Krispy Kreme on Facebook, nor do we regularly frequent their shops – in fact, was it not for this article on the doughnut heaven, we never would have known about it at all. This says something interesting about how companies, big and small, should approach their online presence and overall marketing strategy. Ok, so maybe we lied…it does actually have a little bit to do with SEO.
Simply put, when it comes to marketing, one channel is NEVER enough. Considering how ubiquitous social media is these days, many businesses may believe that simply having a presence in the social arena is enough to harness the power of online consumers. It isn’t. Don’t get us wrong, social media is excellent, and certainly a necessity, but we believe it’s just one piece to the puzzle. Creating a social-specific coupon or offer is a great way to amp up revenue from the social channel, but that’s only tapping in to one channel. Why not take it further by cross-promoting?
Content, in the form of blogs and articles, is a fantastic way to spread your message through multiple audiences. In the case of a large, well-known brand like Krispy Kreme offering a pretty universally loved deal, unique content creation by outside sources may be spontaneous – hooray for free marketing! But for new start-ups and smaller businesses, things may not be that simple. Making an impression may take a little extra work. Kind of like being fresh out of college and on the hunt for that first job, spending days sending out dozens of resumes in every direction, you may have to contact multiple site owners with your article in hopes that one of them will let you publish as a guest blogger. It’s time-consuming, but quality content and back linking is the surest way to boost your reputation and domain authority.
So it goes around – people stumble upon your article that talks about your business, outlines your current offer, and links back to the social. They go to your social pages, get the coupon, and start following you. In the future, when you create social coupons and offers, they receive them immediately, which opens the door for browsing and, hopefully, converting. It’s a joyous circle. (Kind of like a doughnut…)
So the next time you’re contemplating creating a social offer or promotion, don’t forget to put matching content out there to help gather and even larger audience. Now please excuse us while we go cash in our coupon for a dozen doughnuts for 78 cents. 

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