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How do you increase conversion rates for your ecommerce store?

If your business is ecommerce, than driving traffic to your site and boosting sales must be high on your list of must-dos. As a business it’s important to have realistic conversion rate goals. There are a lot of different factors that go into meeting these conversion goals.
There are too many variables that go into conversions, so it’s very difficult to have comparisons between different sites. No site is like the other, and there are a lot of different things that can affect conversions rates on one site but not the other. Quality of the traffic is a major contributor to your conversion rate. Rates around 1% and 2% are fairly common and are definitely rates that you should want to have but want to exceed.
So here’s what you need to have or need to do to increase the conversion rate of your ecommerce site:
Quality Product Images
Quality product images are very important to conversions. People want to see what they are getting. High quality photos of your products will get people engaged in the product, people love images and the more images you have the better. Different angles, different colors, and making the images zoomable are all important things that go into having quality product images that will get customers excited about the product.  
Great Product Copy
Product descriptions are very important. People want to know exactly what they are getting and even though the image can show them that, customers need more. You want to be able to write out a description that really gives them a feel for what they are about to buy. You want to give the customer full and complete information on the product, after reading the entire product description the customer should not have any questions left.
Product Videos
Images are good, but videos are the future. Images have limits of what all you can show at one time, but with videos you can show the entirety of a product and then some. Product videos are the next step before actual touching and feeling of the product. If you haven’t entered the realm of product videos yet than you should definitely at least try making videos for part of your inventory and see how it goes.
Customization of Products
Customers love being able to customize products. Customization creates a sense of ownership and originality. Customers love the idea that customization makes them a product unlike any other. No one else will have a product like theirs and that’s something that will definitely drive conversions.  
Sales and Specials Section
Having a specific page for products on sale or a page on product specials can really increase your conversions. People love things on sale, even if they don’t need it, if things are on sale they will be more likely to buy it anyway for the good deal.
Being accessible is very important to a customer. You want to make sure that your ecommerce site has all your contact information and if you want to take it up another notch, having a live chat option will definitely increase trust between your site and the customer. Being accessible for questions and concerns is very important to getting paying customers and keeping them.
There are other ways of improving your site to get that traffic and conversions but these first tips will definitely get you stepping in the right direction. Test it out for yourself and see if you start getting that conversion percentage up!
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