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What Should You REALLY Expect When It Comes To SEO?

Why does it take so long to SEO my website?  This is the most frequently asked question of SEO professionals, as frustrated business owners often panic when they don’t see instant results.    

Here are 5 reasons why SEO takes time

  1. When it comes to SEO most of the work is manual – From research to writing, rich snippets to link earning, there’s no magic button or website that makes it work. 
  2. Every time a change or update is made to your website, the SEO process is slowed, as the newer content must be crawled by search engine spiders each time a modification is made to influence your page ranking.
  3. If you’re in a highly competitive industry, your competition’s domain authority could take a while to catch up to, often leading your SEO professional to research and strategize ‘better’ keywords in order to get improved placement.
  4. Search Engine algorithms are constantly changing and your SEO professional must adapt, often updating and tweaking already established strategies in order to comply.
  5. Recent website migrations, or brand new sites can affect your ‘trust’ in the eyes of search engines, duplicate content, poor navigation and lack of inbound links can also affect  the overall time it takes to get things seen and indexed properly.

Rest assured that the long term effects of this often tedious process will been reflected in your site’s reputation, credibility and return on investment.    

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