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Using Social Media to Promote Social Events

Let’s face it. Every month in Austin is rife with social events, and September is no different. From football parties to free music, there are exciting things to do for all ages and interests. Question is how does one spread the word and get people to attend these events? The answer is by leveraging social media outlets. People attend events to connect and interact with individuals, so social media is the ideal solution for generating buzz and connecting with people before the event even takes place. Social media outlets allow you to promote to your target audience, sponsors, community members, and so on. Concocting an effective social media plan gives you the ability to generate hype and skyrocket the attendance of your event.

The first step is to create a well thought-out plan. It’s important to identify who your target audience is depending upon the nature of your event. Observe their actions on social media, who they interact with, what they share, etc. Fully understanding your target audience’s social patterns will help you create tailored content that they’ll be interested in. During your planning phase, outline which social media outlets you are going to use as well: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all good starting points. Make sure you have all the logistics of your event planned out (how, where, when… all that good stuff).

After you’ve devised a solid plan, you can start reaching out to those involved in the event. Getting affiliates to help you promote and share content or posts is the key to expanding the reach of your posts. Reach out to the bar, venue, DJs, restaurant that’s being catered, and ask them to possibly share your posts as well. It’s a win win for all. Then start to preview your event with catchy teasers that will peak people’s interests. Possibly create some sort of contest that will get people involved. Similarly, choose a hashtag to brand your event that people can use and search with.

Other helpful resources include videos and pictures. Videos are extremely powerful ways to sell, so create a catchy clip that will highlight the event. Include music, testimonials, and pictures that will entice people to go.

Finally, stay on top of the conversations. Thank people for their input or a share. Reach out to those in the area looking for things to do or that have an interest in what your event offers. Reply to people that reach out to you or ask a question relevant to what you’re promoting. Staying active is the key to getting trusted attendees that will in turn promote your event organically by word of mouth.

Another helpful tool is checking-in. Have your guests check-in in exchange for a free drink ticket or something useful. When they check in, the event or company name will appear and further spread the existence of your event.

One final thing to note: promoting your event should not stop the day of the event. It’s just as important to promote during and after the event as well. Post what’s happening live to entertain people and encourage more to come. After the event, create a blog post about it and include pictures and video clips. Also, thank your attendees for coming, and spread the word about future events that you’re hosting. This will encourage members to keep track of your brand and keep coming back. 

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