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Use Social Media to Drive Sales for the 2014 Holiday Season

Driving sales during the holidays is always something that any business owner has in mind when the season rolls around. There might still be a few months until Christmas, but there’s no better time than right now to start thinking about how to boost your online sales during the holidays.  Holidays are typically the biggest sales month for most companies, especially ecommerce and retail companies.
Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, has quickly become one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. Online shopping is a huge part of the holiday season and it’s important to expose your online business with social media. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to bring brand awareness and product awareness during the holiday season is a great way to increase traffic and hopefully sales to your online store.
You will be fighting with every other business this holiday season to get people’s attention. Everyone will be offering discounts, promos, and running Facebook contests. SO in order to stand out in the sea of all these other businesses you will need to be unique! Being unique and standing out starts with understanding your target audience and knowing what they want from your business at this time of year.
Facebook will again be the hot social media platform used to market products and sales. It is anticipated that 92% of businesses will spend most of their time and efforts on Facebook to push their holiday social media marketing. Facebook is always the go to as it is the social media platform with the largest number of users, with 1.32 billion users. Using Facebook to promote your holiday specials and sales is great and it will more than likely reach a larger audience, but it shouldn’t be the only outlet you use.
You want to promote your products, specials, and holiday sales across several different social media platforms.
52% of Twitter users say they have seen something on Twitter that made them make a holiday purchase and that trend is continuing to grow. Twitter users have also reported that they rely more on social media—and Twitter specifically—to find gift ideas for the holiday season.
The addition of the Twitter “buy now” button will be a complete game changer for businesses during the holiday shopping season. The buy button will make it easier than ever to shop for gifts online, and if there’s one thing customers are looking for is the easiest way to buy everyone presents.
Here’s a breakdown of what Twitter users typically purchase after using social media:
  • 69% buy gift certificates
  • 68% buy apparel
  • 55% buy electronics
  • 53% buy home goods
  • 50% buy jewelry or accessories
  • 41% buy beauty products
Image based platforms
Pinterest and Instagram are great social media outlets for getting those great images and visuals out to your audience. Use image based platforms to promote your products and any promotional graphics you may have for the holiday season.
When thinking about the marketing strategy you are going to start using for the holiday season, make sure that social media marketing is a part of it. Using social media to promote your products and promotions is the perfect way to get organic traffic to your site and get those conversions.
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