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The Importance of Updating Your Website Regularly

We live in a world where everything around us seems to be constantly changing, evolving, and morphing into something new, so it’s only fitting that your business follows suit. It’s essential that you update your website to reflect the changes in your business, retain current customers, and get new visitors to your site. Updating your website can range from changing content to tweaking functionality to completely redesigning it in its entirety. Regardless, it’s vital that you freshen things up so that visitors are not deterred by a stagnant website.

How often should you update your website?

How often you update your website depends on various factors. First you have to decide what your target audience is looking for. If sales are strong and new/returning visitors continue to land on your site, updated content might be all you need. For content, we recommend updating about every 2 -3 days. This can be anything from a new blog post to a review to an enticing product description. Compelling content shows visitors that you take your products or services seriously and are adamant about pleasing those that take the time to come to your site. Google algorithms rank websites with fresh, relevant content higher in search engines and this will in turn increase traffic to your site.

A redesign, on the other hand, takes a good amount of planning, time, and money. This should be done every couple of years depending upon the success of your website. The design and layout of your website have a large impact on your conversions. It’s important to think about a visual that will appeal to your target audience. You may want to consider a redesign if you’re not getting the results that you desire. Another reason for a website redesign might be if the purpose of your website has changed. Update your website to be more in tune with your company goals and strategies. It’s very important to stay on top of what your competitors are doing as well. That’s not to say you must revamp your site any time a competitor does, but if you notice an edge or a way your competitors are doing things that might help your business, incorporate those strategies into your website somehow.

Why it’s important:

Failing to update your website regularly can have serious repercussions on the success of your business. If you don’t, you might lag behind your competitors. Similarly, if it’s not up to date, you will fail to impress customers. It could be very slow if the technology is not updated and you might lose customers or have a high bounce rate. Since most people access the internet solely through their phones, it’s very important your website is responsive as well.

If you’re looking for a website redesign or simply a few tweaks to get it in line with your company goals, ScriptiLabs has a team of dedicated web design and developers that will work closely with you to meet all your goals and expectations. Don’t wait to update your website; it has the ability to have a tremendous impact on traffic and sales!

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