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Trendy Tuesday: Beer

ScriptiLabs Beer Bucket
It's no secret that we like beer in our office. And we like good, interesting designs. Combine these and you get us talking about interesting beer bottles and a well designed beer site. We'll toast the folks behind these pleasantly unique and fun designs. (Aside from the author: I'll gladly take a pint of good beer and good design any day!)

Omnipollo Brewery by Karl Grandin

Omnipollo Beer by Karl Grandin
Cheers to Design Taxi for highlighting the quirky beer bottle designs by Karl Grandin, a Swedish designer. Grandin's designs are influenced greatly by symbols and images - many of which come from his daydreams. Rather than set his crazy dreams aside, Grandin tries to capture the psychedelic logic of his subconscious in his artwork.


Shiner Bock - Spoetzl Brewery
We'd be remiss if we didn't highlight Shiner - it's a Texas staple. "Shiner Bock" is a household name in Texas and is included in this post not just because we like to drink it, but because of the redesign of their website. Large photographs are trendy right now, but Spoetzl Brewery put a spin on the trend by making theirs moving pictures! Their photos fill the page and then start moving. The images also invoke Texas lifestyle: escaping the heat at a watering hole, relaxing with your doggy-boy on the front porch because even the A/C in your home can't cut the extreme heat, and spending good time with friends at a festive outdoor patio of a bar. Their design is trendy, yet speaks directly to their consumers by subliminally reminding them of why they drink beer - to cool off, hang out, and enjoy a Texas day. (And it's a responsive design!)
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