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Trendy Tuesday - 2/11/14

A new app that’s trending right now besides that god awful game “Flappy Bird”, is Facebook’s Paper App. This is a complete new way of seeing your Facebook newsfeed as well as other great feeds in headlines, pop culture, technology, and much more. The app design is so clean and has a beautiful layout that is definitely image-heavy centered. This app is definitely more visual and interactive than anything else. The app also supports gestures designed around viewing images, such as tilting your device to see more, and double-tapping and pinching to zoom in and out.
You can customize your Paper by choosing what sections you want. The Paper sections available are: headlines, tech, enterprise, score, pop life, flavor, exposure, creators, all city, ideas, planet, well lived, cute, equalize, family matters, glow, home, pride, and last but not least the LOL section. Choose the sections you want to be on your home setting. You can change and customize at any point of your choosing. This is definitely something like we've never seen coming from Facebook. 
The app does an incredible job of giving you a tour of it once you download it. It's really easy to learn and use. I will probably never go back to the normal Facebook app again. This app is very interactive, you slide your finger in any direction and something is going to pop up. You can read, like, share, and create your own posts. Creating your own posts in Paper is just like sharing a post on your regular Facebook wall. 
This app is definitely something you should give a try. You might just love it as much as I do. It's fun and new and trendy. It's something that might die off after a while, but as of right now I really like it and a lot of people I know have said it's their new favorite way of getting on Facebook on their phone. Facebook is going to be putting out new and innovative things for many years to come and I'm sure that Paper is just the first of many contemporary and original things Facebook has in store for us. 
Beautiful storytelling from friends and the world. Available for iPhone on the US App Store.




Paper is a standalone news reader app that Facebook launched alongside its 10th birthday. Paper is Facebook's first app from Creative Labs, its new initiative to design apps for mobile devices. Paper brings a whole new way of interacting with your personal Facebook newsfeed as well as customiazable news sections.

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