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Trendy Tuesday - 1/7/2014 Edition

Yeehaw, Here is the first Trendy Tuesday of the 2014! We are going to take a look at some amazing movers and shakers, share some business tips and tricks, and explore leadership from all the corners of the world.
Social Entrepreneurs - Every year Forbes releases multiple lists of 30 Under 30 for various business industries. From finance to Hollywood, check out who will continue to shake things up in 2014. 
Business & Technology - With so many advances in technology business processes continue to get smarter. In "10 Business Tasks Best Suited for Notebooks and Tablets" shares their advice on the best way to integrate technology into your business. 
LeadershipAll across the world are numerous leadership styles. The factors that created such a vast variety of leadership developments come from the roots of society and cultures that they derived from. Understanding all types of leadership will teach us how to coexist and work with each other as humanity continually becomes interconnected.
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