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Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014

Feel like you’ve been inundated with digital marketing content, news, and updates this year? You’re not alone. 2014 was rife with algorithmic changes, an ever-changing SEO landscape, and social media tips and tricks. We’ve gone through and chosen our top 10 blogs of 2014 to recap key takeaways from this year and help you redefine your internet marketing strategies going into the New Year.


#1: 5 Ways Blogging Benefits SEO

Blogging has skyrocketed in popularity for various reasons. This blog post, written in June, points out that over 30% of Fortune 500 companies are now blogging, and we’re willing to bet that number has even increased. This is due to a surge in the importance of content generation in regards to your SEO efforts. Read how blogging benefits SEO and why you should adopt a blogging strategy ASAP.


#2: How to Increase Domain Authority

This is a question we hear quite often, “How can I increase my domain authority?” The higher your domain authority, the higher Google ranks you, so it’s a valid question to ask. From links to content, this blog post will walk you through reliable ways to increase your website’s domain authority in 2015.


#3: How to Build Your Brand on YouTube

It’s likely you’ve read about the importance of branching out on social media and exploring new social platforms this year. YouTube is one of those. YouTube has over 1 billion active users each month, so it goes without saying that your brand should be promoting on this platform. Find out how to leverage your brand on this popular, visual (we know the importance of visuals) social site.


#4: How Do You Increase Conversion Rates for Your eCommerce Store?

Conversion rates are a key metric that business owners often overlook. Quality traffic is ultimately the driving factor in boosting conversion rates. So, how exactly does one get quality traffic to their site? Simply put, producing quality content with a few other important strategies.


#5: 5 Tips for Better Link Building

Ah link building, the dreaded subject everyone fears. Penguin 3.0 aimed to penalize those with spammy or blackhat link practices, so earning quality links became a big focus of 2014. We outline five ways to utilize present-day SEO practices that will establish you as a valuable industry-leader and increase website rankings.


#6: It’s Time to Adopt a Local SEO Strategy

Google’s Pigeon update depicted how the local SEO landscape changed in 2014. Google responded to the influx of local, mobile searches in order to offer more locally specific results. If you’re a small business owner, this post is a must-read.


#7: The Rise of Mobile Search

In 2015, mobile search company spending on PPC and SEO in the US is expected to surpass desktop searching spending. The rise of mobile search means digital marketers have to change their strategies and rise to the occasion. We’ve compiled a concise list of things to focus on to have successful mobile SEO.


#8: Winning the Search War Against Dominant Competitors

Though ranking in the top position is not the sole factor of your website’s success, it certainly helps drive traffic to your site. It’s important to note that the same search query can be significantly different from one person to the next based on various factors. However, this post lays out some tips on how to out-rank your competition in search results.


#9: Staying Relevant on Social Platforms Like Facebook in 2015… Could Cost You!

Studies show that companies are reaching less than 6% of their Facebook audience organically. Eventually, paid social ads may be the only way to reach a larger audience. Are you prepared to work these paid ads into your marketing budget moving forward into 2015?


#10: Ring in the New Year with a New Social Strategy

2015 is a time to be proactive rather than reactive. It’s not enough to simply have a social presence anymore. You must tweak and expand your social strategy to stay ahead of the game this year and expand your social reach. 


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