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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Website

Spring has sprung… finally! The onset of the anticipated season brings warmer weather, blooming flowers (for us Texans – a slight bluebonnet obsession), outdoor activities, baseball season, and the less exciting spring cleaning list. Spring cleaning isn’t just for dusty corners and diets. It’s imperative you spring clean your website to refresh your online presence and maintain an elevated visibility on search engines. We outline 5 ways you can spring clean your website to ensure you stay relevant and remain in good standings on search engines.
1. Ensure content is up-to-date and new
First and foremost, it’s necessary to check every single page on your website to ensure all content is accurate and up-to-date. You don’t want a potential customer calling a disconnected number simply because you forgot to update contact information. Similarly, it’s necessary to refresh your website’s content completely. Who wants to read outdated and irrelevant information? This isn’t to say you have to rewrite entirely new content. In fact, you can easily repurpose old content by adding new, current ideas and examples to an older topic that might still be of importance. A simple solution to ensure content is fresh and engaging is by adding a “News” or “Blog” page to your website if you don’t already have one. This almost forces you to update content regularly because no one wants to read a blog post from ages ago or an outdated news article. By actively adding fresh quality content, your visitors will take you more seriously and gain confidence in your products and services.
2. Update images
When’s the last time you changed your homepage image? Just as you should update content, you should swap out old images as well. It won’t make a drastic change, but it will give your website the fresh, new, often times cutting-edge look you need. A visually appealing site is a more successful site, so gather feedback from those you trust to see which images are visually appealing to them.
3. Update call-to-action buttons
Update your call-to-action buttons so they direct the user on a clear, meaningful path that will drive conversions. You don’t want to be sending visitors to old promotions that are outdated and irrelevant. Analyze which CTAs are weak and can be tweaked to perform better and adjust accordingly.
4. Check your links
Nothing is more frustrating than clicking a broken link. Make sure you don’t send your visitors to dead ends or broken links. Log in to your webmaster tools and check for any 404s that can be easily redirected to a functioning page on your website. Also, check external links that mention your business but don’t necessarily link back to your website. Consider creating a link here to improve SEO standings and make it easier for potential customers to find you in general.  
5. Integrate social media
If you haven’t already, we highly recommend adding social media buttons to your website. Social media is a great way to promote marketing efforts, increase brand awareness, and actively engage with current and potential customers. By adding social buttons, you are inviting customers to share and interact with your brand further.
So, clearly spring cleaning isn’t just for the household. It’s extremely important to spring clean your website to stay relevant and on top of current trends and changes in the online thick of things. These simple tools and tricks will point you in the right direction to revamp your current website and create a more user-friendly version.


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