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Ring in the New Year with a New Social Strategy

It's the end of the year, so you know what that means – time for a list! I’m sure you’ve read your fair share of fitness tips and the benefits of adding kale to your diet, so I’ll stray as far away from those topics as possible. Though it’s important to adopt a healthy regime for your personal wellbeing, it’s also important to adopt a healthy business strategy to ease your mind in 2015.

This particular list focuses on how to better your social strategy throughout the New Year. I won’t belabor the importance of social media because that is quite obvious at this point. Instead, I’ll shed some insight on how to tweak and expand your social media strategy to reach a broader audience, create further brand awareness, and in turn, generate social traffic to your site.

Don’t Just Post to Post

It’s time to stop aimlessly posting things to show that you’re active on social media. If you’re guilty of posting articles that you haven’t fully read or comprehended, you’re not alone. It happens because, let’s face it, we live busy lives. But, I encourage you to share links of articles that you’re fully immersed in because your passion about what you’re sharing inevitably comes across in the adamancy of your post. Also, check your facts and review your posts. Remember when DiGiorno used a domestic violence hashtag to sell pizza? You don’t want any of that to haunt your brand, so review, review, review.

Develop a Content Strategy

This goes along with the above bullet. It’s time to share information that is relevant and current. Your followers want to see posts that interest them, so take the time to really hone in on your niche audience’s wants and needs. Capitalize on current events such as holidays, historical days, special events, etc. Also, utilize scheduling tools like Buffer. This allows you to tweet different variations of the same content, thank followers, and schedule throughout the day when you simply don’t have the time. Don’t be afraid to share the same content. Though you get a slight drop in performance each time, you still receive a good amount of interaction from the same post.

Be More Visual

This is key. Simply put, we respond to visuals. It might take more time and effort to create a visual or find something that works on the internet; however, the payoff is huge. Posts with visuals get 94% more views than those without and significantly more shares. Go a step further and use videos instead of images. You’ll see brands heading towards video content strategies. Just think about how effective the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was to raise awareness.

Use Social Media… Socially

It’s not enough to exchange a follow for a follow. Make sure you are actually connecting with people instead of leaving them idly in your follower list. Establish yourself in the industry and help connect and introduce others with similar interests. Find influential people and engage with them.

Similarly, use social media as a wheelhouse to reinvent customer service. Thank those that have unknowingly promoted your products and services, help your customers solve problems, and turn negative feedback into a positive all using social platforms.

Expand to New Platforms

Sure Facebook and Twitter are great social outlets, but there are so many more that could benefit your business this year. Pinterest has undeniably swept in, grabbing 41% of ecommerce traffic compared to Facebook’s 37%. Tumblr has grown 120% in active users. Make sure you’re utilizing Google+ and Instagram as well – you’ll grab a different niche audience and see a greater return.

Adopt a Mobile Strategy

This goes without saying. 2014 showed us a surge in searchers using their mobile devices to view ads and buy products. This will only continue to rise throughout 2015. Mobile is certainly the outlet that is capturing consumer attention, so fine tune your mobile strategy. Your brand will be lost without one.


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