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Revamping Your Website for the New Year

We’re deep into the holiday season – a time where eCommerce businesses boom due to frenzied online shoppers looking for the best deals and steals to purchase for their loved ones. It’s certainly a wonderful time for online sales, yet how do you keep this traffic flowing and conversions booming once the New Year hits? Realistically, websites should be updated every year or so simply to adjust to changing demands and algorithm updates. You want your site to be as up-to-date as possible and reflect your current goals and services. In fact, website design is one of the main reasons that people mistrust or reject a website. Whether you only need to make little tweaks or you need a full-blown redesign and content update, utilize these tips to create a successful website for 2015.

1. Responsive Design

It shouldn’t even be a question whether your website needs to be responsive or not. Over half the searchers use a mobile device to find what they need, so it’s imperative that your website meets this demand. A Responsive Web Design (RWD) ensures that your site fits multiple devices and platforms. That is, it resizes to make it easy to read, scroll through, and interpret. Make sure your website is responsive, so when searchers access it from a their phone or any other device, they can easily maneuver around and won’t immediately bounce.

2. Clean Landing Pages

Your landing pages don’t need to be cluttered with information, pictures, and text similar to the homepage. Internet users want fast, easy results, so create clean and concise landing pages that answer their questions unobtrusively. De-clutter web pages as much as possible, removing unnecessary links and information. It’s smart to actively look through Google Analytics and see which pages have a high bounce rate or where your customers are dropping off and adjust accordingly.

3. Revamp Existing Content

Content has been a focus of many of Google’s recent algorithmic changes. To rank, increase Domain Authority, and please searchers, it’s necessary to have fresh, relevant content changes. If your website has been running for a good bit of time, onpage content might not be in line with current goals and objectives or it might be outdated. Rewrite website content to reflect current keywords and maintain relevancy.

This is also the case with your company’s blog. Make sure you are providing readers with information that they want to read and share – and make sure you are doing this often. No one wants to see a blog that is inactive or looks unfinished. Similarly, update your CTA’s to match your new content. This should help increase conversions.

4. Stay Active on Social Media

Social media is really the only way you can interact with your customers in real-time, so naturally, you want to keep it alive and kickin’. Provide your followers with relevant news and updates that they want to hear about and actively connect to current and potentials within your industry. It’s important to make sure you don’t come off as spammy, however. Subtly promote your products or services, but really focus on connecting with interested people. Throw out content that is fun, light, and interesting – things that social media users want to hear about. Remember, everyone loves an infographic!

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