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Pinterest Marketing

Social media marketing is becoming more and more prevalent for businesses and organizations every day. With social media becoming one of the most employed marketing mediums out there, it’s a no-brainer that businesses want to get their names out there with shares, likes, pins and more. Social media is a powerful influence on people today—especially for young millenials in the work place (the ideal consumer!) These people are not reached primarily through television, radio or print. The first thing our generation checks in the morning and the last thing we often look at before bed are the social media outlets on which we’re active: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and so on.  
Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website, as well as a smart phone app, that allows users to build and maintain theme-based image collections with categories such as events, interests, or hobbies. Pinterest users can browse other pinboards for images, "re-pin" images to their own pinboards, or "like" photos. Users can also “follow” other users’ boards and have new pins added to those boards appear automatically in their Pinterest home feed.
Pinterest presents a huge marketing opportunity. Here’s why almost any company or organization would benefit from dipping a toe in the Pinterest pool. It’s perfect for establishing or expanding a brand; sharing events and interests and anything else that might visually capture an audience’s attention.

Here are some tips on Pinterest Marketing for your brand:

1. When creating your Pinterest account make sure to put your business or organization name on your profile. You can use your business name as your username, or change your profile name to your business name after your profile is set up. Make sure that it is obvious that the Pinterest account is a business account.
2. Add a descriptive paragraph about who you are as a business and what your interests are in the “About” section on your Pinterest profile. It will show up right under your photo, and is the perfect opportunity for users to better get to know you and find out more about you. Be sure to sprinkle keywords relevant to your account throughout all your informational posts.
3. Connect your account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Not only will it help you gain followers, but making this connection adds social media icons under your profile picture that link to your social media sites. This way the users can see all your social media outlets and this is also good for sharing a Pinterest pin on both Facebook and Twitter.
4. Don’t forget to add your website URL in your profile!
5. Pin lots of stuff. Pin content steadily, instead of in huge bursts, to maximize your exposure and engagement.
6. Add a prominent Follow Me on Pinterest button to your website to advertise that you’re a pinner!

How to get pinned:

1. Create unique boards. If the name of your board is unique, people will be more likely to click on your board. People will be curious to find out what is behind the unexpected board names. Show your brands personality through the boards you create. Establish separate boards with images that make your followers smile and laugh or anything else you feel your specific audience would enjoy.
2. Make sure to use quality images. Pinterest is a very visual media and quality images are greater than the quantity of images. So use quality photos that will grab someone’s attention. Make sure the images are not pixelated and are clear. Take your time and choose images well.
3. Make your images sharable. Don’t watermark your images. That makes the image exclusive, and a property of your organization, and as a result, people won’t pin your images. Keep images free of any text and you are sure to get pins.
4. Write detailed descriptions when sharing an image. If you want your images to be noticed, it would help to write detailed descriptions about the image. With the right keywords and hashtags people will find your images more quickly. With great descriptions you’ll have more chances to be noticed, ensuring more traffic to your website.
5. Interact with your Pinterest friends. When you first start pinning you should get involved and interact with users with touching, exciting, and eye-catching pins. By re-pinning something that is already viral you will draw attention to your board and people will start following and liking you. The best thing to do is to reciprocate by following them back, re-pinning their images, but add your personal message to the repinned image.
Check out these Pinterest brands to and see how their boards, pins, interactions and more has given them a generous amount of followers: Whole Foods, Lowe’s, Martha Stewart, The Today Show, Ellen DeGeneres, Etsy, & Sephora. You don’t want to completely copy any of these brands, but you should use them as inspiration for creating your own Pinterest world.


Social Media marketing is becoming more and more popular for businesses and one social media outlet that is gaining a lot of popularity is Pinterest. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website, as well as a smart phone app, that allows users to build and maintain theme-based image collections with categories such as events, interests, or hobbies. This is perfect for brands to showcase their products as well as show their personality.


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