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Facebook Group App Takes Communicating to the New Levels

Let’s face it, many of Facebook’s features and apps simply didn’t stick. One that has stood the test of time however, is Facebook Groups. Personally, I’ve been an avid Facebook Group user since I created my Facebook page way back when. In high school, they helped coordinate study groups. In college, we shared spring break ideas and party invites. Post grad, I kept in touch with travelling buddies. As a young professional, groups help organize networking events and meet-ups. Need I go on? Facebook Groups are used in just about every realm of life – to stay in touch with family, collaborate on projects or events, you name it. It’s safe to say, they’re here to stay.

However, using Groups on your desktop and especially mobile device is less than convenient. Groups are buried in the left of your newsfeed, often cluttered, and extremely difficult to navigate. With over 700 million actively using Facebook Groups every month, it was only time before they created a functioning app devoted to this feature.

Unlike Facebook’s Messenger app, you can still use Groups in the actual Facebook app. But trust me; you’ll want to make the switch. Facebook’s Creative Labs team hit a homerun with this experimental app. It’s clean, clutter-free, extremely easy to use, and even boasts some new features. For someone who is in a variety of groups or an admin trying to keep tabs on their communities, we highly recommend downloading Facebook Groups.


What to Expect:

Once you open the app, you’ll immediately see all your groups displayed in visually appealing circles that are easy-to-use. Apps that you use more frequently are displayed at the top. To access your group, simply click on it and it’ll take you to your feed against an acute white background. Alerts are not lost amount notifications. Notifications are easily tracked, and a new feature even lets you mute them for however long you want – even until the next morning if you need to hit the off switch on your brain for a brief moment.

Creating a group is just as easy. Tap the “create” button and fill with title, visibility, and start adding friends.

The new Discovery feature allows you to see suggested groups for you based on what Pages you’ve liked, what groups you’re in, where you live, or what communities are parallel with your interests.


Future of Facebook Groups:

Facebook has no plans to monetize on the app at the time as they are making enough money from News Feeds. However, they could capitalize on the massive groups that utilize the feature for commerce purposes in the future. Nor do they need users to actually use this new app (although we think avid group users will make the switch regardless.) It was simply created as a complementary, optional feature that is intended to make group users’ experience with the feature better. And maybe even get them more active and promoting the use of Facebook Groups.


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