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#Hashtag Tips for your Business

If you’re an avid social media guru, the term “hashtag” is a natural part of your everyday jargon. In fact, whenever I compose a tweet, my fingers automatically gravitate towards the keys Shift and 3 to insert that symbol into a post. What used to only be known as the pound sign is now more commonly referred to as the “hashtag”. In 2007, former Google designer Chris Messina proposed that we use the pound sign to group relevant conversations. Needless to say, the hashtag phenomenon took off, and is now an extremely important aspect of the social media world. Though popularized on Twitter, it has spread from platform to platform, becoming an integral part of your business’ social media strategy for various reasons.

1. Organize/Categorize Content

First and foremost, hashtags help you organize your content. Hashtags are automatically turned into searchable links so you can easily track topics or participate in discussions. This grouping of topics helps you better hone in on what is being discussed and who your niche audience per social outlet is. Utilize hashtags in your posts that are related to the content you’re sharing to make your content easier to find.

2. Find Relevant Tags

Decide which keywords are relevant to your industry/brand and see how they are being used on social media. Search your feed to see which hashtags are trending and how you can capitalize on them. You can use various online tools such as to find related tags that you might have overlooked. Similarly, capitalize on trending hashtags. They’re constantly changing, but if you find something relative to your business, you can potentially get your eyes in front of a massive audience.

3. Amplify Reach

Hashtags simply build your community and expand your reach. Utilize hashtags to make your content easier to find and share by the right people. Hashtags in any post can lead to double the user engagement simply because it amplifies your reach tremendously.

4. Branding

It’s a good idea to create a hashtag that is unique to your specific brand or business. This will, in a sense, be your company tagline. It will be your signature tag that people use when discussing your brand, so promote this hashtag as much as possible to get people to use it as well. Tweak these hashtags based upon offers, promotions and different campaigns that you put out. Think creatively and make them fun and interesting to grab individuals’ attentions.

A few housekeeping rules

If you are going to use hashtags that are already in use, make sure they are appropriate and relevant to your business. In short, do your research. DiGiorno Pizza unfortunately had to publically apologize for piggybacking on the hashtag “WhyIStayed” which was being used by victims of domestic abuse recently.

Don’t be spammy. Don’t over-tag in a single tweet as it will crowd out your content and divert people away.

Track your results and test out different hashtags. Try out different hashtags, different lengths, different content, and different forms of media to see which produce the best results.  

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