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Google+ Marketing

Is SEO (search engine optimization) important to you and your company? Then adding Google+ to your list of marketing tools is a definite must! Using Google+ for marketing purposes means you’ll increase your visibility and online reach. You create and post great original content on Google+ people will want to share, which basically means they’re advertising for you for free! In addition to providing networking visibility, shared content helps increase your SEO value on Google.
Google+ is a social networking platform from Google. The idea behind Google+ is pretty much just like other social networking services such as Facebook or Twitter, but Google+ differentiates itself from the social networking crowd by allowing users greater control over who they share with and how they interact with others. It also integrates all Google services and displays a Google+ menu bar on other Google services when you're logged into your Google account.

How Google+ Will Help Your Business

Google+ lets you share photos, videos, links and location data with everyone, or with just your select Circles that you have created. So when you find something that applies just to your fishing buddies, or just your real estate friends, if you've grouped them into Circles, you can send that information only to them. You can also share with the general public to try and grow your audience. This could ultimately help your company narrow your audiences and help you with your direct marketing initiatives.

What Makes Google+ Different

One major thing that sets Google+ apart when it comes to SEO is that Facebook is not indexed by Google for search results. Google+ is. This means that everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook. Facebook and LinkedIn are also both set up for more of an "exclusive" model, meaning that you have to know someone to know something. That's why you see companies pushing so hard for "likes" on Facebook and why you see people spamming the LinkedIn Groups.

Here are some key Google+ terms you will need to know:

  • Google+ Streams – This is your “newsfeed” when you log into Google+. It shows you the stream of content posted from other people in your circles.
  • Circles – These are the categories you create to organize your followers and the people you follow. These categories can be anything you’d like them to be, such as “Family,” “Friends,” “Work,” “Local Businesses” etc. When posting content, you can choose to expose your content to the public, your Circles, or Extended Circles.
  • Extended circles – These are tricky because just like Facebook’s algorithm, no one knows for sure how Google decides who to show your extended content to. Essentially, by sharing your content with your Extended Circles, your “friends of friends” MAY see your content.
  • Communities – Google+ Communities are created by brands or individuals to create conversations and share information around one specific topic or service.
  • Local – This one is big for your business. This allows for your business information to be easily available to all search engines, giving you more visibility. A Local Google+ Page helps your customers find your hours, address, and phone number, all in one place.
  • Hangout – A Hangout is a video chat where you can have up to 10 people chatting at one time.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s 5 Ways Google+ Trumps Other Social Networks:

  • 1. Google indexes all public posts on Google+, but can't see what you've typed into Facebook.
  • 2. Google+ lets you post much deeper than Twitter's 140 characters.
  • 3. LinkedIn is all business, all the time. Google+ is a 360-degree view of a businessperson.
  • 4. Google+ promotes more commenting, sharing and interaction than Tumblr.
  • 5. Picture displays on Google+ are prettier and getting more comments than Flickr.
Take the time to add Google+ to the list of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social media your company may be using. You won’t regret it!
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