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Google Authorship and How YOU Can Benefit From It

Constantly finding ways to create a better search experience for their users, Google developed Google Authorship. Though it’s not new, and it has been around for a while now, many people, and companies for that matter, aren’t utilizing Google Authorship to its full potential. Originally created to allow writers to claim their content on the interwebs, the benefits of Google Authorship go far beyond that.

Why You Need Google Authorship

Along with allowing you to claim your content, Authorship helps establish credibility. With established credibility comes higher click through rates. This established credibility can occur through improved page rankings. Google will crawl your site and see that the original content is relevant and useful.

What makes Google Authorship unique is that when people are searching via Google, your picture will pop up next to the link. Along with your picture, a byline will be displayed that includes your name and how many Google+ circles you are in. Naturally, people are more likely to click on the links that have Authorship photos as opposed to links without them. They’re also more likely to click on links that are displayed higher, as it is assumed that those links have more credible information.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship allows all of your content to stay connected, even if it’s posted on multiple websites. This is great news for those who generate content on a regular basis that’s distributed through different channels.  

One of the best aspects of Google Authorship is that there’s a lack of presence of Google Authorship among businesses. By setting up Google Authorship, you’re given a competitive advantage over your competitors who aren’t familiar with how it works and why they should be using it.

How to Get Started with Google Authorship

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up a Google plus profile. If your email address domain matches your website, you’ll simply have to verify your account in Google. If your email address does not match the domain where you contribute content, you’ll have a few additional steps to complete to get your account set up. You’ll need to update the Contributor To section of Google with all of the websites that you contribute to. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to add the rel=”author” tag to the code of your content. This can be done through the pages that have your original content, or if you’d prefer, you can add it via a byline at the bottom of your content. This tells Google that the content belongs to you, and it links your website/ page to your Google+ profile.

Setting up your Google Authorship might take some time, but it is well worth it. The organic SEO results that it can deliver are both beneficial to both you as an individual and to your business. If you have any questions, or need help setting up your Google Authorship or your Google+ page, reach out to us on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter!


Ever wondered why some links show up on Google search results with photos next to them? Find out why that happens, and how you can benefit from Google Authorship.


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