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Facebook Fit: more than just free tacos

ScriptiLabs’ Internet Marketers had the privilege to attend Facebook Fit this past Thursday, and boy was it enlightening. If you’re one of the gazillions of millennials who has become engulfed in the world of CrossFit, this was Facebook’s version of it for the digital marketing world. With small “bootcamps” set up, Q and A’s from inspiring local business leaders, and influential Facebook visionaries spewing out advice, Facebook Fit certainly succeeded in creating a helpful event designed to help small and medium businesses grow.

Austin was one of five cities that the Facebook team visited, and it’s no surprise why. As a hub for small start-ups and growing businesses, it was a no-brainer for the Facebook team to visit our beloved city. Walking up to the event, held at the Austin Music Hall, the smell of young, innovative, and eager like-minded individuals ready to learn and expand their business ideas became very potent.  The Music Hall was completely transformed into what we imagine Facebook offices to look like: ping-pong tables, bikes, free KIND bars and breakfast tacos, and florescent blue lighting. Booths were set up throughout the entire event with Facebook help centers as well as Intuit QuickBooks, LegalZoom, and Square who teamed up with them to share advice on finance management, legal services, payment solutions, and more.

After eating our weight in free snacks, it was time to sit down and absorb some information. Technology expert Mario Armstrong amped up the crowd before introducing the first speaker, Director of Small Business, Dan Levy. Levy briefly touched on success stories and key components of Facebook marketing before handing over the floor to the next panel of people.

Next came best-selling author Rhonda Abrams along with a panel of some of our favorite successful, local Austin business affiliates including YETI Coolers, Kendra Scott, Allen’s Boots, and Chi’Lantro. It was great to hear tips and tricks from those who we give our dollars to (Kimchi Fries in particular!). We definitely got our fair share of takeaways from this panel:

  • Utilize user-generated content. Observe what your existing and potential customers are producing, sharing, and inquiring about. Then, build a campaign based upon those needs. For example, YETI started seeing coolers placed on the front of stand-up paddle boards and started targeting paddle boarders successfully.
  • Retarget!
  • Reach out to brand ambassadors. Find prominent local or global figures that have an interest in your brand/product. Make sure they’re active socially, and reach out to them to possibly share things about your company. The worst that happens is they say no or don’t respond… it can’t hurt!

The “bootcamp” workshops didn’t disappoint either. We attended a workshop on online sales, specifically using Facebook to increase sales on your website. After breaking down the different types of ads Facebook offers, the speaker dove right in to targeting, an area that can truly increase conversions and ROI metrics. By utilizing Facebook’s Core Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences, you can target email lists of customers, potential customers you haven’t reached yet, and specific demographics of customers. By installing a pixel into the backend of your website, you can target customers on whichever page you please. Further, Optimized CPM allows you to focus your efforts on delivering to those most likely to convert. Needless to say, we became one hundred times more familiar with the useful tools Facebook offers.

Not convinced that Facebook advertising can help your small business? Visit to see inspiring success stories.

Before walking out the door with swag bag (AKA a gym bag - get it? Facebook "FIT") in hand, we utilized the very last thing Facebook Fit offered: the chance to win a trip to their headquarters in California by simply leaving a small testimony (fingers crossed!).

We give Facebook Fit two thumbs up! It was certainly exciting to be part of such a motivating learning experience. And you can be certain we live-tweeted the whole thing, so hop on over to ScriptiLabs’ twitter account to see some pictures and fun things from the event. Until next year!

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