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Effective Holiday #Hashtagging

Whether you’re a small business still perfecting marketing strategies or a large business with over  10K followers on twitter, getting your brand noticed during the holiday season is a daunting task. Reports show that social media will influence close to half of holiday shoppers this season. People are actively searching for gift ideas, online products, and holiday deals and promotions. One way to get your brand noticed is to concoct a relevant hashtag that can be used for holiday campaigns. Boost social media activity and drive traffic to your site this holiday season by utilizing these effective hashtag tips.


Devise a plan.

Before you even begin to think of a clever hashtag, devise a plan. That is, map out every detail of your campaign. What is the theme? Will it be a photo contest? A giveaway? Decide what you’ll be giving away so you can promote that as well. Establish a timeline so you can effectively monitor your efforts. Once you’ve mapped out all the logistics, it’s time to design your hashtag.


Pick a hashtag.

Designing your hashtag must be very strategic. You want something that makes sense with the campaign but isn’t too generic. Make it unique and relevant. Brainstorm and decide on a couple – then do some research and make sure they aren’t being used in any other campaigns on social media. Even if you do a simple holiday photo contest, think of a clever hashtag. Don’t simply use #holidayphotocontest as it’s probably been used and you’ll get lost in the stream. There are various tools online that help you choose a relevant hashtag as well as search social media platforms to ensure it’s not already in use. We like Hashtag Generator.


Begin your campaign.

For optimal results, it’s best to start your holiday campaign a month before the end date. But it’s not too late to get some quality interactions still! Start promoting your campaign ALWAYS using the hashtag you decided on. Craft different yet related posts across all social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are extremely effective outlets for holiday promotional campaigns.  And don’t forget to announce your winner with the hashtag as well. Those who are invested in the campaign want to know regardless of if they won or not. Measure your results as soon as the contest is over to get the most accurate analytics. Then you can use those to compare to other campaigns and see which tactics work best in the future.


Many brands out there, large and small, have had major success with their holiday campaigns and hashtagging. For example, Macy’s #MacysBelieve campaign has been running for over six years and is an extremely successful hashtag campaign, encouraging kids to send their letters to Santa at Macy’s stores and donating a dollar to Make-A-Wish every time. This campaign raised millions and highlighted the brand’s philanthropic efforts.


Don’t wait to get your contest in gear! There’s still plenty of time to create a successful campaign that will get you noticed! If you’re still a bit confused on the hashtag phenomena, just check back in with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. They nailed it.  


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