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Why You Should be Utilizing Pinterest in 2015

If you haven’t already caught on to the whole social media craze, you are gonna have some work to do! Social media is now bigger than ever and it’s not just big for millennials and the every day person. Social media has done wonders for the world of business and marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have allowed for businesses to combine promotion and customer relations in one public space.
There are a lot of social media platforms out there and you might think that just being on Facebook is enough, but that just isn’t so. Being on multiple social media platforms is essential to extending your reach and building your brand. One social outlet in particular that most people don’t think to join is Pinterest.
Pinterest tends to be at the bottom of the social media roster, but let us tell you why you might want to start pushing Pinterest to the top of your marketing roster for 2015.
The Best Tool to Reach a Female Audience
If your business sells a product that’s tailored to women, you’ll want to go where the woman are, and you will want to push your products on the sites they like to use. That site is, without a doubt, Pinterest.
According to research from RJ Metrics, 80% of Pinterest users are female and 92% of all pins (or shares) on Pinterest are made by women. So if you’re not on Pinterest and sell products to women, you’re definitely missing out on a huge opportunity to promote and connect. Utilizing Pinterest is important and essential for a female-focused business.  
Pinterest Thrives on the Weekend
Different social media outlets have their different peak hours of usage and interaction; and for Pinterest that’s Saturday morning. The weekend is the perfect time to start pinning and start building a brand name for your business. If you’re a business owner and only find free time on the weekends, then Pinterest is one of the best social outlets to be using for your business. You’ll get the most out of your efforts and you’ll get more eyes on your brand name.
Easy to Use
Pinterest is super easy to use! This social platform is all about images. So all you need is a great picture. As long as you have an image, your post is more than halfway ready to go. There are certain topics and categories that seem to especially stick on Pinterest that you might want to focus on.
RJ Metrics suggests that these following categoires tend to have the most interactions on Pinterest:
  • Food
  • Drink
  • DIY projects
  • Crafts
  • Home décor
If you’re working in any of these sectors or you’re dealing with keywords that intersect with these topics, Pinterest could be the go-to solution for you.
Getting started is easy! Just go to, create an account, and start adding to your brand awareness.
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