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Why Author Rank Is Still Important

Google Authorship was first created to make a better search experience for users, and after a while businesses and companies took full advantage of that to get clicks and eyes on their content. Google Authorship was all about claiming and verifying original content, it established credibility; but now Google has ended its three-year experiment with Google Authorship deciding that the authorship information was not found to be overly useful to searchers.
Google Authorship might be gone but the use of Author Rank to improve search results will still continue. Author Rank is another Google ranking system when if Google knows who authored the content it might alter the rankings of that content. Google perhaps will give a boost in ranking to content written by someone they deem trustworthy. Author Rank is actually not a Google term, but a term that the SEO community came up with.
Author rank can be used as a way to identify subject experts and boost them in search results. So like Google Authorship, Author Rank is about credibility in the eyes of Google. According to Google, dropping Google Authorship shouldn’t have any sort of impact on how the in-depth articles section works. They also mentioned that it won’t impact its other efforts to explore how authors on Google get rewarded or ranked.
Google definitely has its ways of deciding what they do and do not consider   being credible content, but as a business or organization, you want to strive to be credible in the eyes of Google. You want to get those ranking boosts from them to get more people viewing your content and more traffic to your website. Google will find new ways to determine credible authorship and the next idea might be bylines that often appear in new stories. Bylines are looking to be the chief alternative way to signal who the author of a story is.
As of right now Author Rank is a small part of Google searches, so I wouldn’t put too much emphasis or attention into it, at least not just yet. It might expand and grow beyond what it is now, and if it does it will only be one of the many SEO ranking factors that go into content authorship credibility. Everything comes down to the type of content you are creating. Create great content, add those bylines, and see how the quality of the content brings in more clicks and traffic than anything else you try.
Make sure you have quality content that you are proud to slap a byline on and you will find your content rising in rankings. Also know that removing Authorship information doesn’t mean that Google+ content from people in your circles will be removed from search results. Users will still see Google+ posts from friends and pages when they’re relevant to the search.
Google always has tricks up its sleeve, so it’s good to keep updated on all the things that could help you boost those rankings on Google. Let’s all keep an eye out! 
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