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Top 10 Twitter Tips

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networks and is as prevalent as Facebook when it comes to getting brand messages out there for your business. Using social media as a tool is essential to getting marketing and advertising messages to your audience and potential customers. Social media is now more influential than traditional media—TV, radio, and print media don’t have anything up against social media. If you really want to reach the new generation of buyers, social media is the way to do it.
Twitter’s platform is easy to use and you shouldn’t have any problems using it personally or for you business. Even though Twitter is easy to use there are still a few tricks and tips that come in handy when wanting to really reach your target audience. Things such as type of content, character count, and timing all goes into strategic Twitter marketing.
Let us give you some tips on how we think you could really optimize your Twitter marketing efforts:
1. Post multiple times
Posting multiple times throughout the day is very important in Twitter marketing. You want to have a dominant presence on this platform and posting only once a day is not enough to make a name for yourself. Eyes on your Twitter feed changes sporadically throughout the day and also changes depending on the day and time, so you want to be able to get your message and name out there multiple times during the day every day. You can even dig in deep into analytics and see at what times on what days you’re getting the most traffic and interactions to your Twitter feed. That way you will know the best times to schedule tweets throughout the day.
2. Post weekends
Weekends are very important to sending messages out to your audience. A lot of businesses and brands tend to not tweet on the weekends which is probably hurting their Twitter reach a little. The weekends are when people are using Twitter the most since they aren’t at work or at school and have so much free time on their hands. So when scheduling tweets make sure to tweet some for the weekend as well.
3. Use hashtags
If you want your tweet reach to be exponentially larger, using a hashtag is your best bet. People who don’t even follow you are able to see your tweet because of the specific hashtag you are using. People can search for hashtags as well as just viewing trending hashtags according to what is popular on Twitter at that moment. Hashtags are very important for expanding your Twitter reach as well as your interactions on Twitter.
4. Define goals
Make sure that when you decide to create a Twitter account you have set goals for what you want. How many followers you want to gain a month, how much interaction you strive for a day. That way if you’re not meeting those goals you know you have to switch up your approach. Goals are always important when it comes to trying out something new.
5. Character length
Character limits are already set by Twitter, but we suggest you limit your character length even more! Some studies have shown that tweets with 100 characters of less get more interaction and engagement than by tweets with more characters. If you can’t keep your tweets to 100 characters or less you definitely want to keep your tweets between 120-130 characters. People like concise and to the point messages, people also don’t like to read things; so the less they have to read the better chance you have of getting them to click on whatever it is your pushing. Less is more.
6. Define audience
Know who your target audience is! This is very important. Know who you’re interacting with and who follows you. This will be crucial for knowing what kind of content to post on a daily basis. Knowing your audience, and knowing what your audience likes and responds to is very important for content creation. You want to be able to create content that your audience will actually be interested in.
7. Engage
You want to connect and engage with your followers. You can do this by replying back to them, favoriting their tweets, and retweeting their tweets. Twitter is about conversation, it’s not a one-way street of communication. Yes, you can push out your messages and things you want your audience to know but you also want to create a sense of relationship and dialogue. You want to make your audience feel like they have a say. Twitter is the perfect place to get direct feedback on you business and what you’re doing.
8. Use images
Pictures are a big deal on Twitter, just like Facebook, images get the most interactions out of anything. People love visuals. Pictures are essential to providing your audience with a visual of your content. Share a picture of a product or share a picture that goes along with the content you are sharing. People are more likely to interact with a photo than just text.
9. Use links
Just like images, links are essential to getting clicks and interactions on Twitter. Link back to an article you like or link to a video you find appropriate and funny that you want to share with your audience.
10. Use call to action
Using call to action is a great way to get interactions on Twitter. Telling people to share or retweet really does help you in getting that engagement. If people like what you have to say and like your content plus you are telling them to retweet they are more likely to do so. Ask for action and you will be more likely to receive it. 
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