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Staying Relevant on Social Platforms Like Facebook in 2015... Could Cost You!

On the glittering cusp of a shiny new year, now more than ever its vital to reflect on your social marketing strategies of the past, to plan efficiently for the future.
There's no question about it, companies are generating and sharing more content than ever before, and 2015 will no doubt bring new trends, challenges and great opportunities.  But are you prepared?  Staying relevant on social platforms like Facebook... Could cost you!
Recent studies show that some companies are reaching less than 6% of their Facebook audience organically, as its ever-changing algorithms are delivering your 'fans' content that it (Facebook) deems 'relevant', and less marketing focused.  
Eventually, paid social ads may be the only way to reach a larger audience.  With this in mind, it might be a good idea to begin working these 'paid ads' into your marketing budget moving forward to continue branding, and generating leads.
Social media spending currently represents 9% of marketing budgets and through its constant evolution, is forcasted to rise to nearly 25% within the next five years. (Source
Lastly, before spending money on a social campaign, it's important to be aware of sophisticated measurement tools and analtyics that are available and designed to give you a pretty clear picture on whether or not your latest Twitter or Facebook campaign is really generating any money...  These tools include basics, like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics, both of which are great in gaging, and measuring your success.
Here's to 2015!  Setting the stage for yet another great year in social marketing!  
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