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‘Tis the season to prep your SEO, PPC & AdWords Shopping Campaigns!

The holidays are fast approaching, and each year Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers shoppers colossal discounts and affordable prices during the biggest shopping weekend of the year.   How can your business get the most out of the consumer hustle and bustle to buy online?   

Let's start with a few fundamental facts: 

  • More and more consumers are avoiding the crowds and bad weather by making their purchases online. 
  • Each year online retailer Amazon is a key player with 37% of all online shoppers making purchases in 2013.
  • Electronics are huge each year on Black Friday, but did you know that they’re actually the second most common purchase, with the most popular category being Apparel? A close tie for third is Food/ Beverage and Entertainment.

If you sell your products online, developing a strategy to maximize visibility and claim those all too important conversions is the ultimate goal.  But how do you stand out from the crowd?  Here are some tips for prepping your SEO, PCC and a few great features of Google’s  Shopping Campaigns.

In August, Google Shopping Campaigns replaced “Product Listing Ads” or (PLAs) but don’t panic, Google has introduced a handy upgrade tool that allows regular PLA campaigns to be converted to Shopping Campaigns.   The new upgrade includes some really great features:

You can now scale your shopping campaigns with bulk uploads (download a product group report, edit your bids and destination URLS, and import your changes) and (edit your bids and destination URLS for individual product groups at scale).  With Google’s upgraded search and display campaign type, you can also plan to see a better return on investment and higher click-through rates.

And speaking of those click-through rates, Google has also launched Consumer Rating Annotations, which provides detailed customer opinion data… and can increase click-through rates by 10%, GREAT for the holiday season!

Some basic tips for SEO & PPC

1. Know your Competition!

Visit competitor websites, taking notice of meta titles, page content, URLS, and descriptions for inspiration.  How relevant is their content?  Is there a clear message? 

2.  Put Yourself into the Mind of the Consumer

We all love a good deal, right?  Try using multiple combinations of words like "sale", "coupon", "discount", "cheap", “reasonable” and "affordable" and don't forget to create expanded key phrases based on your combinations.  Need some guidance?  Use the Google Keyword Planner for great suggestions.

It’s the holidays, so why not create harmony between your PPC and SEO strategy .  PPC is a great way to inform your SEO keywords, don’t forget to examine high conversion keywords, and monitor organic performance.

3. Value and Relevance

Just how relevant is your page content?  Why is your website the best place to shop?  These are key questions when it comes to good SEO practice.  It's also important to include clear and concise direction to your shoppers.

4. Draw attention by offering incentives

Do you offer incentives such as holiday gift wrap, extended returns of Free Shipping?  Make sure these items are included as part of your SEO strategy

.5. Get Social!

When you find a great deal you want to share it with your family and closest friends right?  Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are great options for sharing why your products are the cream of the crop... But don't underestimate the power of pinning images with good descriptions of your products on sites like Pinterest, and Instagram.  Reaching out to bloggers to review your products ahead of the holidays is also a great way to spread your message!

Enjoy peace of mind and the gift of success giving your business a boost this holiday season!  Happy Selling!

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