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Your Traditional News Sources Are Not So Traditional Anymore; Thanks Google.

Very similar to the ‘talking heads’ found on the 24 hour ‘news’ channels, Google has just unleashed their “In The News” box.  Which means, if deemed “newsworthy”, Google will deliver content from all over the web and it can be found in the form of a video, blog, press release, photo, social media post or a news article.

The change was addressed recently in this statement released by Google.


“We will be pulling from all over the web which means that we will present as diverse a range of voices as possible to ensure we get users to the answer they are looking for…”

So how does Google’s News Box change the online news landscape?

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet!” and now with the broadening of information sources, this statement has never been more true. 

For example, content from Reddit, and other sources (like blogs) that are often more based on opinion than fact, have started showing up along with colorful language, slang, and you guessed it… Personal opinions!

As the online news landscape continues to evolve… Here’s one opinion that shouldn’t be considered ‘news’… Choose your content wisely.

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