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Hot Halloween Strategies and Keywords

Halloween Keywords and Marketing strategy


Good morning Halloween costume procrastinators: welcome to the eleventh hour. Despite the best efforts of retailers everywhere, Halloween is always one of those holidays that seem to sneak up on people. October rolls around and as we start to see the first HalloweenPartyLandSuperstoreExpress! commercials we mentally block them out – the 31st is a long way off, after all. As citizens, this procrastination is normal and more or less expected of a good half of the population (and we don’t judge- old bed sheet ghost is a perfectly acceptable costume.) As marketers, we like to think we’re a little more ahead of the game, ready to swoop in and deliver those struggling in Halloween costume purgatory at the last minute. And with the big night a mere three days off, this certainly is the last minute. The question then becomes how to target these consumers in their time of need.


Strategy of course depends on your type of business. Unfortunately, if you run an ecommerce or retail store, by this point in the season if you haven’t begun optimizing your adwords campaigns to reflect the holiday, you are most likely too late. The scene is extremely saturated with these keywords, with high competition for general keywords like “Halloween costumes” and “sexy Halloween costumes.” The best way to capture last minute seasonal business at this point would be through longer tailed keywords like “next day shipping Halloween” (if your business can accommodate, that is) or “clearance Halloween costumes” as people will be looking for something cheap that they will get in time for the holiday.


There are also indirect ways to cash in on Halloween business that will probably be more effective than trying to directly advertise complete costumes. That’s right – call people out by targeting keywords like “last minute Halloween costumes” and “homemade Halloween costumes,” both of which have decent search volume and low competition per Adwords’ Keyword Planner.


Why target homemadecostumes if you sell costumes/accessories yourself? Mainly to get traffic in the door and exposed to your brand, and because once people are at your store, they may find the perfect complement for a homemade costume. This strategy does require a bit of effort on your part as the store owner: we suggest writing a blog or short article offering up homemade or quick costume ideas that includes any specific keywords you’d like to target. It’s also a great idea to use an article like this to link to some of your products.


So marketers, if you haven’t tried any Halloween targeting yet, hopefully these simple suggestions help capture traffic over the next few days. Citizens, just in case you’re wondering, Frozen-inspired costumes, Maleficent, and sexy-anything are topping the charts for most popular costumes of 2014. And of course, there’s always bed sheet ghost. 

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