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Holiday Shopping Trends

Knowing shopping trends is always good for a business. If you know what people are usually buying, when they are buying, and how they are buying, you will more than likely be able to target customers better than businesses that don’t follow the trends.
Trends are constantly changing so it is definitely a good idea to keep them in mind. Shopping has progressed immensely since the internet and ecommerce came on to the scene. But now thanks to amazing technology like the smartphone and tablets, mobile shopping is now the go-to trend when it comes to holiday shopping.
Google is predicting that the 2014 holiday season will be the most mobile-driven shopping season anyone has seen to date. In fact, shopping-related searches on Google from a smartphone have increased three and a half times from 2013. The increase in the use of smartphones is changing the way people shop and it’s important to keep that in mind when it comes to promotions and keeping your site a responsive site.
Even though the holiday season just started, Google is currently sending more mobile traffic to online retailers per week from Google Shopping than they were during the peak of the holiday season last year. People take their phones everywhere, If there is one thing people constantly have on them, it’s their phones. Smartphones have changed the way we utilize our phones. Our entire lives are on our iPhones and our Androids. We use smartphones to find product information, to find store location, and so much more.
Google search queries are important to keep track of during the holiday season. Some of the most important data for retailers to have is insight on what people are searching for. The top questions asked during the holiday season are:
  • What time do stores open on Black Friday?
  • What time does Black Friday start?
  • When does Black Friday end?
  • What to buy on Black Friday?
The top gifts for the season are:
  • Game Consoles
  • Tablets
  • Wearable Technology (ex: FitBit)
  • Retro Toys including Ouija, Barbie Dream House, and My Little Pony
  • Warm Weather Gear
  • Jogger Pants
Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year after Thanksgiving. After all they turkey, football, and family time it’s shopping time! Black Friday deals are always large and in charge, but Cyber Monday is becoming more and more popular thanks being able to shop on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
This popularity will drive massive business to ecommerce sites. Cyber Monday is looking to be better than Black Friday and this is important to keep in mind for the next holiday season. Driving traffic to your website should be a priority for all businesses.
Trends come and go but it’s important to know them, especially when it comes to commercial business. You want to be able to know the trends and know what the consumer is looking for and why and when they are buying. Knowing trends is key to being successful.  
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