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Not Tech Minded? No Problem! Google Streamlines Tag Manager

Google Tag ManagerGoogle recently announced that it would be making its popular tag management even more accessible; while many will rejoice, some of you may simply ask… What is a tag management system?

Here’s a quick definition… Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows marketers to add and update website tags.  This tool includes conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing and more.

Last week, Simon Everett, Head of Marketing for Google  had this to say of the new resource, “Using Google Tag Manager to track on-page events such as specific clicks and form submissions helps us understand more granular customer actions, how to market and what to sell. We can make decisions much quicker and see within a few weeks whether the strategy has worked, whereas before it would have taken six to nine months.

The shiny new capabilities include customization of infrastructure to better suit your needs by building your own tools or integrations.  You can also now manage user access in bulk, and set permissions for several users at once!  Can’t find the tag you need?  No problem!  Custom HTML tags are also now supported.  The new intuitive interface allows marketing managers to adjust and update tags with ease while collecting dependable data to provide an agile response to new opportunities.  Thanks Google!

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