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It’s Time to Adopt a Local SEO Strategy

Most businesses, small and large alike, have adopted a clear-cut marketing strategy that utilizes search engine optimization (SEO) to increase visibility in search engines. With the new year approaching, it’s time to revisit current marketing strategies and adopt new ones. In 2015, it’s imperative for businesses (especially small businesses) to create a local SEO strategy in order to do well in local search. Google’s recent Pigeon update and Moz’s annual Local Search Ranking Factors survey both depict how the local SEO landscape has changed and how you should respond.


Why Local SEO is Important:

Local SEO is important for a number of reasons. Now more than ever people are searching products and businesses from their mobile devices. Almost 50 percent of searchers use mobile exclusively to do product research. A significant portion of these searches are local. Not surprisingly, Google is working feverishly to respond to this trend – making algorithmic changes that adapt. In an attempt to offer users more locally specific results, small local businesses are outranking large, national companies. Thus, as a small local business, it’s imperative to have your local SEO in place.

Similarly, local SEO is important for small businesses simply due to the fact that there is less competition involved. Competing for keywords or top spots on a national scale can be nearly impossible for small businesses just starting out. You are essentially competing with every company in the country. However, if you optimize for local results, you are competing with far less businesses and become more a more valuable standout to your niche audience.

How to Optimize for Local SEO:

Google’s Pigeon update and Moz’s annual Local Search Ranking Factors survey both deliver same information: local ranking factors rely heavily on more traditional web ranking factors. It’s simple really – create a better website that delivers reliable, quality information to your end-user and build a strong link profile. We understand this is hard to do as a small local business, but there are various things that will help tremendously with local SEO efforts.

  • Make Your Website Great

From content to images, your onsite factors greatly affect local SEO results. Make sure you have a good amount of homepage content. Two-three lines of irrelevant text won’t cut it. You want to tell your audience and search engines what you’re about and what your website has to offer. This is the same for all landing pages on your site. Fill them with relevant information that is helpful and useful.

  • Title Tags Matter

Gone are the days of stuffing title tags with random keywords in efforts to rank. This comes off as spammy and desperate. Instead, fill your title tags with long-tail phrases that really explain what the page is about. Include the company name when you can as well.

  • Include City and State

This goes without saying. If you want to rank for local search results, include the city and state in everything. Include them in title tags, in your content, in headers. Often people forget to put them in other areas such as image alt text and URLs. All these things contribute to a more unified SEO approach that will boost rankings and visibility in local search results.

  • Build Inbound Links

This is the area where local businesses struggle. It’s hard to build a healthy link profile for a small, local business. Our advice? Don’t try to trick Google. Instead, take those efforts and become an active community member. Attend local events, get in touch with active members of the community, and then create blog posts to share socially. Community members will unknowingly share your content and help to create an organic link profile.

*If you need help crafting a carefully thought-out local SEO strategy, ScriptiLabs can help. Our team of dedicated digital marketers does tremendous research on trends to create tailored internet marketing plans that help our customers reach their goals.

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