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5 Metrics to Measure Social Media Success

Most businesses understand the importance of incorporating social media into their marketing efforts. They are increasing social marketing budgets, but many still can’t fully grasp how to effectively measure the ROI of these efforts. Compelling social media campaigns are about more than just gaining likes and followers. In fact, research shows that over 80% of people that “like” a Facebook page never return to it again. Based on your company’s goals, you may have slightly different metrics to track. However, there are certain overall metrics that will give you a sufficient understanding of how your social media efforts are paying off.


1. Engagement

To track your engagement, you first need a good grasp on your reach – that is, the number of people you have actually impacted with your content. This would be your followers, likes, connections, visitors to your blog, etc. You can track this with the built-in capabilities that social sites offer or track these social media analytics using Klout. Once you understand your reach, you can track your engagement. How many people that follow you are actually sharing your content or commenting on your posts? This will help you assess the value of the content you are putting out.


2. Referring Traffic

You can’t completely understand your social media efforts unless you install Google Analytics. By dissecting the traffic section of Google Analytics, you can see how much traffic is being referred to your website through the social media channels you are using. Establish goals based on what you want your visitors to accomplish.


3. Unique Page Views

Another traffic measure to look at on Google Analytics is unique page views. Unique page views show you how many new visitors accessed your site. If this number goes up, it’s safe to assume you are expanding your reach and your content is driving more people to your site.


4. Conversions

Ultimately, the success of your business boils down to your conversion rate. By linking your social media efforts back to your website, you’ll drive visitors there. Your website should offer lead generation to convert visitors. Tracking your registrations, form completions, online sales, etc will give you a good idea of how your social media efforts are working.


5. Share of Voice

Share of voice refers to the percentage of all online content and conversations about your company compared to your competitors. To figure this out, divide the number of conversations or mentions of your brand by the total number of conversations or mentions about other brands in your market. You can do this using tools such as Social Mention.


Don’t let your misunderstanding of social media metrics deter you from incorporating social media in your marketing efforts. 8 out 10 SMBs use social media to drive business growth, so chances are, your competition is utilizing these platforms! ScriptiLabs has a team of dedicated digital marketers that can increase your online visibility through social media. 


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