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5 Great Twitter Features You Should Know Exist

Do you consider yourself a Twitter Guru when it comes to crafting, and tweeting out your message?  Maybe you just tweet casually in order to stay informed and connected with the latest trends .  Twitter is constantly evolving, and has recently added several great features you may or may not know about.

Real-Time Notifications:

A fairly new addition to Twitter’s many features is the ability to receive Real-Time Notifications. You may have noticed while you’re logged into, an interactive pop-up window that appears on the bottom right of your page.  The notification window instantly allows you to reply, tweet, favorite or even follow straight from the message!

Pinned Tweets:

Do you have a tweet that illustrates your brand message or idea perfectly?  Why not pin it to the top of your stream? Ok, so this feature is technically like running an ‘ad campaign’ without having to set a budget.  There are several pros and cons to using this feature, and unfortunately it is not available on the mobile app or on third party services like TweetDeck.  Pinned Tweets will however, show up inside the browser versions of Twitter.


Unfortunately, we all know someone who just doesn’t know when to stop…  Maybe they drone on about a current event or worst yet go on an all out rant.  If you continue  to see annoying posts, but don’t want to block or un-follow the culprit…  Why not just “Mute” them?   You’ll still get mentions or replies from them, and the best part?  They’ll never know!

Animated .Gifs:

A picture is worth 140 characters!  Recently, Twitter rolled out the ability to post an animated .gif.  The image shows up as a playable video on your post and is yet another great way to express yourself and your message!


It’s not a new feature by any means, but it is a great way to clear the clutter.  Use Lists to better organize and categorize the tweets you want to keep up with.

2015 Features:

2015 will bring a slew of even more great features:

While you were away - Attempts to show you important tweets you may have missed based on metrics. (Retweets and Favorites)

Take, Edit and Share video directly from your Twitter Smartphone App!

Share Tweets Privately – Discuss public content in private conversations.

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