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What is a Sitemap and why do you need one?

If you’ve spent a good deal of time, effort, and money creating the perfect website, don’t let it go unnoticed with the absence of a sitemap! A Sitemap tells search engines which pages exist on your website so they can be properly crawled.

4 eCommerce Mistakes and How to Tackle Them

There are so many things that business owners have to be concerned with when it comes to selling products in an eCommerce store. It is easy to overlook some critical items that greatly affect the success of an online store. Below we have compiled a list of 4 eCommerce mistakes that we see often, and what you can do to tackle them.



Pinterest Marketing

Social Media marketing is becoming more and more popular for businesses and one social media outlet that is gaining a lot of popularity is Pinterest. Pinterest is a pinboard-style photo-sharing website, as well as a smart phone app, that allows users to build and maintain theme-based image collections with categories such as events, interests, or hobbies. This is perfect for brands to showcase their products as well as show their personality.

Google+ Marketing

If SEO is important to you and your business, you should definitely add Google+ to your content marketing strategy. Google+ marketing will help you increase your visibility as well as your SEO value on Google.

Trendy Tuesday - 2/11/14

Paper is a standalone news reader app that Facebook launched alongside its 10th birthday. Paper is Facebook's first app from Creative Labs, its new initiative to design apps for mobile devices. Paper brings a whole new way of interacting with your personal Facebook newsfeed as well as customizable news sections.

Trendy Tuesday - 1/28/14 Edition

See what's trendy in humor on the internet these days. Guess what? It's puns! Share the pun love with your co-workers and friends and they'll think you're so punny.

Twitter Chat Recap: Virtual Personalities

Great thought leaders online have influential virtual personalities. Their virtual personalities enable them to spread their message across our online universe like wildfire. In the #mediamadness chat on January 9th we discussed the components of a virtual personality.

Trendy Tuesday - 1/7/2014 Edition

Yeehaw, Here is the first Trendy Tuesday of the 2014! We are going to take a look at some amazing movers and shakers, share some business tips and tricks, and explore leadership from all the corners of the world.

Why host a Twitter chat?

Hosting a Twitter chat is a perfect promotional opportunity for your company and organization to take advantage of. With Twitter chats you can directly interact and create conversations with your audience and potential customers.

Trendy Tuesday: Beer

Beer and Design...a match made in tasty, tasty heaven. Grab a pint and check out the trends of design in the beer world in this Trendy Tuesday post! (Bonus points if your pint is of Shiner Bock! Hey, we're a Texas company!)


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