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The ABCs of AB Testing

Marketing, particularly internet marketing, is an interesting creature. It’s equal parts creativity and science, with a dash of social zaniness thrown in for good measure. This means that internet marketers are constantly shifting between the left and right sides of the brain, between content generation and analysis. One of the most important techniques we have that blends both sides is A/B testing. I’ve been in the digital marketing field for awhile now, but I actually have a degree in biology. When I first started working in marketing, I heard a lot about A/B testing.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember life before the answer to any question we didn’t know was “Hold on, I’ll just Google it.” For the last ten years, the search engine has not only solidified its place as the internet’s go-to destination for the most relevant information on any query, but has also expanded its offerings in everything from music and movies to paid advertising and analytics.

Online Reputation Repair

Going into business was a lot simpler 20 years ago: you put a listing in the Yellow Pages, maybe purchased some ad space in the paper or on TV, and went about your day. The only feedback you had to worry about was word of mouth between customers. These days, the internet (and social media especially,) have created a veritable mine field of potential missteps where your business’ reputation is concerned.

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