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Has Apple Set Out to Create Its Own Search Engine?

Could “Apple Search” be the new “Google Search”? Speculation that the popular brand might roll out its own search engine for use on OS X and iOS platforms stems from a recent job posting. On Monday, Apple posted a job listing looking for an Engineering Project Manager. The job description? “The ability to manage back end operations projects for a search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users.” Before we jump to conclusions, however, let’s take a look at the bigger picture.

Who will win Apple’s ‘default’ search?

Google’s search engine contract with Apple is reportedly set to expire this year. That prompts the big question, “Who will acquire the ‘default’ search placement on Safari?” This is a big opportunity and could account for a large percentage of total paid search traffic. Since Bing is the default for Siri and Spotlight, they could very well be a go-to for Safari. Yahoo has expressed interest as well. Ultimately it boils down to the fact that Apple will either retain its relationship with Google despite some hostile moments, build its own search capabilities, or utilize Bing or Yahoo.

What could Apple fix with its own search engine?

Let’s say Apple does create its own search engine. What could this mean for its current features and future endeavors? Functions like Siri, the App Store, Spotlight Search, and Support could be greatly bettered.

  • Siri has been overshadowed by other virtual assistants but has the potential to do way better with technological advancements.
  • The App store is a huge moneymaker for Apple, but unfortunately buries a great deal of quality apps. Figuring out how to deliver exactly what customers are looking for could be a huge opportunity for the App Store.
  • If Apple were to create its own search engine capabilities, it would most likely be to improve Spotlight, a feature that quickly lets you locate files on your Mac, and more. Unfortunately, Spotlight still has a portion of faults that leaves it trailing behind third-party apps.

Apple is undoubtedly a pioneer when it comes to technology and media. However, they know it’s nearly impossible to compete with Google and be the dominant search engine. That’s not to say that developing their own search engine for use on OS X and iOS platforms won’t greatly increase their functionally and grab hold of a significant portion of mobile search traffic.

We’re interested to see what the outcome will be. Will Apple shift to Bing or Yahoo, extend their contract with Google, or create their own search engine? Be on the lookout because something is certainly brewing.



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