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Do Not Overpay for Digital Marketing Services

For any small business that is trying to increase sales, having a solid online presence is crucial. Developing social media channels, a website, and having a solid search ranking on search engines is what any new business wants in order to be successful in today’s digital society. For many businesses, they do not have the time or the skills in order to successfully set up and carry out a digital marketing strategy. Because of this reason, digital marketing companies are in high demand.

Ditch Traditional Marketing

Does anyone use traditional marketing techniques anymore? Have we totally moved into a digital age? Is digital marketing the best way for me to expand my business? These are questions being asked all the time when thinking about traditional vs. digital marketing. The reality is that digital marketing is not only here to stay, but is taking over as the most important and effective form of marketing. While traditional marketing still has a place in today’s world, it is much more limited. All companies can (and should) be benefiting from digital marketing techniques.

Top 5 SEO Tips For e-Commerce Websites

If you have an e-commerce site, you know how important it is that people can find you. Having a great site with great content is crucial, but it’s also important that your site comes up on search engine results. In order to get your site ranking higher on the search engine results page, follow these 5 SEO tips.

Twitter Records Broken by VMA Tweets

VMAs Twitter Record Shows Importance of Social Media
This past Sunday, viewers tuned in to MTV to watch the highly anticipated Video Music Awards. Surprisingly, numbers were down for who watched (about 9.8 million), but what stands out is the record that the show broke. The 2015 VMAs became the most tweeted non-Super Bowl event since Nielsen began tracking this info back in 2011, with more than 21 million tweets sent during the live event. In an age where social media is becoming increasingly important, this kind of stat is exactly what a network wants to see.