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Online Reputation Repair

Going into business was a lot simpler 20 years ago: you put a listing in the Yellow Pages, maybe purchased some ad space in the paper or on TV, and went about your day. The only feedback you had to worry about was word of mouth between customers. These days, the internet (and social media especially,) have created a veritable mine field of potential missteps where your business’ reputation is concerned.

Is Pinterest Considered ‘Social Media’? Brand Manager Says No.

This week at SXSW, David Rubin, head of brand over at Pinterest was quoted several times as saying “Pinterest is not social media…” and went on to say “…the reality is that people are on Pinterest for themselves.” With the online social landscape in a constant state of evolution, just what did he mean?  Are people flocking to Pinterest for their friends… or indeed for themselves?

SXSW 2015 Must-Have Mobile Apps

Whether you’re looking for a way to tune into your favorite band, or more efficient methods to stay connected, Navigating SXSW hasn’t always been so effortless; but thanks to your smartphone, getting around and staying in-the-know just got a whole lot easier!

March Madness Marketing Tactics

How can you as a business owner capitlize on the craziness that is March Madness?!