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Prepare Your E-commerce Store for Holiday Shopping

It may seem ridiculous to start thinking about the holiday season this early, but if you run an online store, it is already time to start planning for the busiest shopping time of the year. For many businesses, the last quarter of the year is the time that they generate the most revenue. In order for this to occur, however, there are things to do in preparation for and in order to guarantee that shoppers will buy your products.

Does Voice Search Impact Your SEO?

Recently, using voice search through companies like Google or Apple (which has “personal assistant” Siri) has become increasingly popular. As a large percentage of people have access to this technology today, it is important to take the time to learn what voice search is, and how it may affect how you set up your webpage and SEO.

Understanding Google and HTTP vs. HTTPS

Most people today recognize the HTTP at the beginning of every web address. But what exactly HTTP stands for and what it does is something much less widely known. There is also another version of HTTP, HTTPS, which is becoming increasingly popular on the web today. What exactly HTTPS is, and what it means in terms of your own website and how that relates to your presence on Google searches, is a bit more complicated.

The ABCs of AB Testing

Marketing, particularly internet marketing, is an interesting creature. It’s equal parts creativity and science, with a dash of social zaniness thrown in for good measure. This means that internet marketers are constantly shifting between the left and right sides of the brain, between content generation and analysis. One of the most important techniques we have that blends both sides is A/B testing. I’ve been in the digital marketing field for awhile now, but I actually have a degree in biology. When I first started working in marketing, I heard a lot about A/B testing.