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Why host a Twitter chat?

Twitter is an important social tool to use if you’re looking to take your businesses brand to the next level. Twitter is a great platform for connecting with followers as well as potential and existing customers. Social media has allowed for businesses to interact with their audience easier than ever before. With Twitter, a business can let their audience know about promotions, upcoming events, and any big news quickly and it’s coming straight from the source.
Twitter chats are an aspect of Twitter that can be really helpful when you want to create a space for communication and information between you and your audience.
What are Twitter chats?
A Twitter chat is a way to get people together at a certain time to talk about a certain subject. A Twitter chat’s purpose is to organize conversation and connect people by using Twitter as the main tool. Twitter chats are also a great way for you to learn how to use it if you are a new tweeter. Twitter chats not only allow you to form a deep connection with a community, but you can empower your business faster than they thought possible.
Why host a chat on Twitter?
Well, it’s a great marketing strategy of course! One of the marketing benefits when you host your own Twitter chat is that you can start to build a community around it. You can create a space for an audience at a specific time on a regular basis to come together and discuss absolutely anything! This gives you an opportunity to communicate with your audience as well as support your marketing objectives.
Your core goal of hosting a Twitter chat is to focus on the needs of your audience. When you provide great content, your audience will always want more. When you plan a Twitter chat, you can make them formal, informal, or a combination of both. You can also do tweet chats in a series, which can help with your brand’s positioning. With this type of tweet chat, you need to put together a strategy over several months.
How do you use Twitter chats?
As the Twitter chat leader, you need to provide a framework for your audience to work with, but you don’t want it to be overly planned. You have to balance structure with flexibility and agility. In a structured-style Twitter chat, you’ll need to have a list of questions prepared but also leave room for follow-up. As the leader, you can share your expertise and can leave the questions open for the community to answer.
Why do we use Twitter chats?
Here at ScriptiLabs, we like to use Twitter chats to engage with people, create relationships, get our name out there, and build our brand.
What are the different platforms to host a Twitter chat?
There are several different platforms you can use, but one that we like to use here at ScriptiLabs is Nurph! Nurph is a great platform for creating and hosting Twitter chats. This platform allows you to create your own chat room, and it also allows you to record and replay your Twitter chats! If you’re looking for a great platform to host your twitter chats, you should definitely give Nurph a try, you won’t be disappointed.
How do you get users to join your Twitter chat?
The easiest way to get users to join your Twitter chat is to announce and promote! You can do this by using all available media channels such as: your blog, your social media accounts, press releases, and so on to advertise your upcoming Twitter chat. Here are just a couple of things to remember:
·         Create a helpful page listing when and how often your Twitter chat is going to take place
·         Also explain what a Twitter chat is and how it works
·         Let your audience know which tools they may use to follow and take part
Allow your followers and brand advocates to promote your Twitter chat as well! 


Hosting a Twitter chat is a perfect promotional opportunity for your company and organization to take advantage of. With Twitter chats you can directly interact and create conversations with your audience and potential customers.


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