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SXSW 2015 Must-Have Mobile Apps

Whether you’re looking for a way to tune into your favorite band, or more efficient methods to stay connected, Navigating SXSW hasn’t always been so effortless; but thanks to your smartphone, getting around and staying in-the-know just got a whole lot easier!

As you might have guessed, the best part of the expansive annual festival, are its sights and sounds… So you’ll need a great app to ensure that all your memories are snapped for posterity and another to guarantee your selfies look out of sight!

If you’re on an iOS or Android device, VSCO Cam is designed to let you snap, edit and share your photos all at once…  The app has some great options for focusing on dimly-lit subjects and gives you ultimate control when it comes to managing your existing photos in one place… So, day or night VSCO Cam should have you covered. 

The existing camera on your device isn’t too shabby either, and combined with the right “cosmetic” apps like Facetune and YouCam Perfect, your ‘selfies’ or ‘usies’ will come out looking fresh and magazine ready!

If you’re friends plan to split up to take on the festival from different angles, you’re going to want to communicate! Sure, texting would work, but what if they all have different phones? Better yet, why pay for SMS if you don’t have to?  Whatsapp will allow you to create ‘groups’ and send each of your friends unlimited images and even audio messages.  A great way to stay in touch!

Music, Film, Interactive… With all of these awesome things how could anyone possibly find anything to be negative about?  Let’s face it, there’s always room for something to go wrong. Austin is known for its horrific traffic… Hate it?  There’s an app for that! 

So whether it’s waiting in a long line, a bad lunch, or your favorite band just doesn’t sound quite like you expected Live, Hater is an app, similar to instagram that allows you to ‘dislike’ something in a very public and social way.  (PS, the Hater team will actually be attending SXSW this year)

Speaking of long lines.. . Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know what your future festival destination looks like before you actually show up?  Koozoo displays smartphone videos from all over the world.  Not attending SXSW this year?  No problem…  Sit in the comfort of your home or office and enjoy the various LIVE Streamed events online at

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