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SEO Gone Wrong? Don’t Panic!

It happens a lot – You’ve got a great website, things are moving along for your business, so you decide to seek out help with your SEO.  You’re on a budget, so you find an inexpensive SEO company that promises great results… QUICK!  “What could possibly go wrong?” you think briefly as you continue to focus on other aspects of your business. 

A few weeks later you notice that your sales are down, and you’ve received less email from eager customers.  After a quick search of your own company on Google, one of your biggest fears stares you in the face… Your business, which was once ranking decently on the popular search engine, is now nowhere to be found.  Your domain authority has tanked…  Sound familiar?

If you’ve become the victim of bad SEO, don’t panic, there are ways to fix it… You should NEVER feel as if you’re being held hostage by someone you’ve hired.  Here some important things to keep in mind.

Keyword Targeting:

It’s always important to target keywords when content is written for your site.  This can be accomplished by using long tail or short tail keywords. 

·         Long Tail keywords are geared toward a more specific audience and typically include 3+ keywords.

·         Short Tail keywords target a broader audience and are typically 1-2 keywords.

Content is Key: 

Simply put… Quality landing pages and blog posts drive traffic.  Your content must be relevant, and easy to understand in order to keep your bounce rate down, retaining quality traffic.  Remember, confusing content ALWAYS leads to increased bounce rates and decreased time spent on your website.

Be More Active on Social Media:

It’s important not to discount the effect social media has on your overall ranking.  Despite radio silence when directly asked about the impact of social on ranking, a variety of recent studies all point out that search engines do in fact look to social signals when ranking your page.

Struggling with what to do next? Tired of your company being treated just like all the rest?  Now’s the time to re-evaluate your internet marketing needs, set a realistic goal and budget and let us tailor a plan specifically for you!

We would love to help!  Call us with questions at 512-994-4237.

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