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Is Pinterest Considered ‘Social Media’? Brand Manager Says No.

This week at SXSW, David Rubin, head of brand over at Pinterest was quoted several times as saying “Pinterest is not social media…” and went on to say “…the reality is that people are on Pinterest for themselves.”

With the online social landscape in a constant state of evolution, just what did he mean?  Are people flocking to Pinterest for their friends… or indeed for themselves?

Speaking directly to David’s point, research shows that the most pinned categories on the four year old site are Food & Drink, DIY & Crafts, Home Décor and Holidays.  None of which lend themselves to in-depth conversation or comment, other than the occasional “That’s awesome!” or “I wish I had one of those!” with most users simply admiring the image, while others gain lofty inspiration from posts.  For some, it’s essentially a well designed, searchable online scrapbook. 

The data also shows that nearly 72% of Pinterest’s user base is female, compared to other major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  While this is a marketing dream for some, David Rubin plans to change all that, attempting to broaden the appeal of the site motivating men as much as women. 

FUN FACT: A recent pew survey showed that 13% of online mean in the United States use Pinterest, which is up from 8% from the previous year.    

Much like its distant cousins, Pinterest is now selling ads to marketers, introducing “Promoted pins” which show up on the site’s search results.  For larger brands seeing what posters are ‘pinning’ also shows what potential customers might be interested in buying.  With well over 70 million users, there’s no doubt that Pinterest is here to stay… But what do you think?  Do you use Pinterest to socialize… or to explore images, learn, or become inspired?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!  Comment below!    

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