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Website Not Optimized For Mobile? You Could Be Penalized!

Has this happened to you…? While reaching for your smart-phone to quickly look up a website, you land on a page that you have to pinch-zoom in and out of just to see… Chances are the site you just landed on is not ?responsive’ or ?mobile-friendly’.  You feel as if you’ve just stepped into… The Twilight Zone.  

Case in Point:  If you’re the owner of said website, you may have just lost a vital sale… But wait, your site has been fully SEO’d right?  Yes, and no. 

Optimizing for mobile isn’t just a best practice, it’s a must.

Due to a recent change in Google’s algorithms, a mobile compatible site is imperative in 2015 to avoid being penalized.  And the move shouldn’t really come as a shock, as an estimated 28-30% of total web traffic comes from a mobile device.

So exactly what happens if your site gets penalized? “Expect to see a lower search ranking” says Tess Halpren, internet marketer for ScriptiLabs.  “It’s really something to think about in your initial website design and development process, but it’s never too late.”

There are a few things to keep in mind when optimizing your site to be mobile-friendly.

  • Page Speed – Make your mobile pages render in under one second
  • Don't block CSS, JavaScript, or images
  • Optimize for local search
  • Use HTML5 standard tags to includes any media such as videos and remember, flash doesn’t work on all devices.
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